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Electric Pop Group - Seconds

  by Carl Bookstein

published: 2 / 3 / 2010

Electric Pop Group - Seconds
Label: Matinee Recordings
Format: CD


Wistful anthems to lost love on second album from Swedish indie pop act, the Electric Pop Group

On ‘Seconds’, Swedish indie band the Electric Pop Group play wistful songs about lost love. Singer and songwriter Erik Aamot captures the longing for a relationship that has recently faded. Joined by brother and multi instrumentalist Martin, the Aamot brothers create beautiful pop throughout their latest album. They do so with a sense of melody that touches. Formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2005, the Electric Pop Group released their self titled debut album in 2006. ‘Seconds’, their second album, was released in January. ‘Not by Another’ is an exceedingly welcoming opener with a smooth mellifluous vocal. Jangly guitar joins a pop sensibility rooted in the 1960s. The lyric makes clear that yesterday’s dreams of love are in the past: “In a different kind of life/You would still be by my side and not by another.” These are simple songs with sharp hooks - not complex music, but nevertheless compelling. ‘Out of Sight’ continues along the theme of lost love: “Can you tell me what it’s all about? /The fire in your heart is out/I went to see you the other day to find out if you’re all alone.” The love that once was, a repeated theme here, supplies true inspiration throughout this album. ‘I Know I Will’ recalls the tone of a conversation with a friend - up close and personal: “We will always recall the times we had between us.” ‘Drawing Lines’ features pleasant keyboards and guitar along with a lovely vocal, as Erik Aamot describes a relationship coming to an end: “The last few times, it’s been growing colder each day/It seems to me, we are drawing lines between us.” These are sweet, melodically chiming pop tunes- rhythmic and pleasing. The songs are simple, both in structure and instrumentally, but still effective. ‘My Only Inspiration’ is very positive and upbeat: “This is not the time for sorrows/This is the time to think about tomorrow.” ‘In The Back of My Mind’ features beautiful harmony singing and a melodic vocal arrangement - absolutely one of the strongest songs on the album. The instrumentation complements these precise appealing pop tunes, as the tambourine is heard distinctly. ‘The Best of Times’ ends the album on a lyrically uplifting and positive note: “There is nowhere else I would rather be than walking all through the streets with you/This is just the best of times.” All in all, in these reflections about love and love lost, the Electric Pop Group achieves a fine sound and one that stays with you.

Track Listing:-
1 Not By Another
2 Out of Sight
3 I Know I Will
4 Drawing Lines
5 My Only Inspiration
6 In the Back of My Mind
7 The Way It Used to Do
8 Into Thin Air
9 We Never Made Up Our Minds
10 The Best of Times

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