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Would-Be-Goods - Eventyr

  by Dixie Ernill

published: 9 / 1 / 2009

Would-Be-Goods - Eventyr
Label: Matinee Recordings
Format: CD


Superb indie pop on excellent fifth album from durable London-based band act, the Would-Be-Goods

The Would-Be-Goods have been around for 20 years, but have only really been prolific over the last few years, with 'Eventyr' being their 5th long player and their 3rd since teaming up with hip indie-pop label, Matinee in the early noughties. Whilst it is probably true to suggest that there has been no real progression in their music, it is certainly true to say that this is very much a plus point. Jessica Griffin’s vocals are delivered in a posh ‘home counties’ way, similar to indie icon Amelia Fletcher, which again is a good thing, while the music is 3 parts typical C-86 jangle with the odd deviation into more jazzy areas such as on the ace instrumental final track ‘A Professor Momtchiloff Mystery’ and 1 part New Seekers-style 60s pop. 'Eventyr' means ‘fairy tales’ or ‘adventures’ and some of the songs on the record certainly have a story telling edge, such as the classic 'In Bohemia' conjuring up images lost days in bygone Italy, the burlesque sounding 'Venusberg' or the unnerving ‘Pleasure Island’.. Opener, ‘Sad Stories’ and bouncy ‘Temporary Best Friend’ are pure gold pop, while ‘Melusine’ has a haunting yet disarming quality, with the word Morrissey somehow coming to mind… As good as anything before it, ‘Enemies of Promise’ is a fine way for Jessica to sign off, before veteran of many a cult indie band, Peter Momtchiloff, takes centre stage on the aforementioned final instrumental song. Would-Be-Goods have failed to live up to their name and should consider reforming immediately as Actually-Pretty-Damn-Good.

Track Listing:-
1 Sad Stories
2 The Ghost of Mr. Minton
3 In Bohemia
4 The Girl At Number 7
5 Venusberg
6 Melusine
7 Heart of Tin
8 Pleasure Island
9 Temporary Best Friend
10 Baby Romaine
11 Subtle Charm
12 Enemies of Promise
13 A Professor Momtchiloff Mystery

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