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Lovejoy - England Made Me

  by Chris Jones

published: 5 / 10 / 2006

Lovejoy - England Made Me
Label: Matinee Recordings
Format: CDS


Melancholic, but perfect new EP from Lovejoy, the moniker of Brighton-based indiepop musician Richard Preece, which includes a cover of the June Brides' 'In the Rain'

Richard Preece is back to grace us with three new Lovejoy tracks and a cover of the June Brides' 'In the Rain' (previously released on the 'Still Unravished: A Tribute to the June Brides'). The four songs cover the Lovejoy spectrum quite well, making each song stand out on its on. 'Brightness Falls' is perhaps the most "traditional" Lovejoy track on the EP. The smooth, melancholy vocals that carry an almost sedative like quality. Subtle, chimey guitars and strings. And an easy pace that lets the song glide by effortlessly. 'Are You Analogue or Digital?' has Lovejoy exploring the electronic side of things in an 80's pop style - the Pet Shop Boys might be the most obvious comparison, although Kraftwerk works as well. Synth tones, thin drum machine beats, and electro-bass abound in this mostly instrumental track. Not exactly my cup of tea, but again Lovejoy has this ability to create a soothing mood that inspires me to just sit back and relax. Not one afraid to show his influences, Preece gives us another fine cover song, this time a selection from the June Brides. This song manages to perfectly merge the Lovejoy guitar pop sound with the electronic elements Preece has played with in the past. The addition of female backing vocals really gives this song a touch of beauty that I would love to hear more of on future Lovejoy albums. And then there is 'Made in England'. According to Preece this song was to be Lovejoy's 'Bitter Sweet Symphony', but, however recording costs forced him to rein things in a bit. Still, this song does have an "epic" feeling to it and on some days has been my favorite song on the EP. Echoing electronic guitar, synth drones, a big, almost plodding drum beat, and more female vocals that are reminiscent of Trembling Blue Stars. The song has a dream-pop quality to it that has been hinted at before, but never quite presented as much as on this song. And again, Preece manages to effortlessly bring in these elements. With each release, Richard Preece has managed to both retain the Lovejoy sound and explore new styles. These four songs may demonstrate that more than any of the nprevious albums and give hints at what we might expect next from the world of Lovejoy. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long...

Track Listing:-
1 Brightness Falls
2 Are You Analogue or Digital?
3 In the Rain
4 Made in England

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