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Interview (2006)

Indiepop act Lovejoy, the project of Brighton-based singer-songwriter Richard Preece,has just released a new EP, 'England Made me'. Chris Jones speaks to him about it and its recording

Interview with Richard Preece (2003)

Lovejoy - Interview with Richard Preece

Lovejoy’s second album 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' was one of the best releases of last year on the busy indiepop label, Matinee. Frontman Richard Preece talks to Ben Howarth about the band's history and the new album


England Made Me (2006)

Melancholic, but perfect new EP from Lovejoy, the moniker of Brighton-based indiepop musician Richard Preece, which includes a cover of the June Brides' 'In the Rain'

Everybody Hates Lovejoy (2005)

Soothing melancholic indiepop on third album from Lovejoy, the moniker for Brighton-based singer-songwriter Richard Preece

Strike A Pose (2004)

Sophisticated, fun electro pop on one-off 7" single on the new Unpopular label from much-acclaimed twee popsters, Lovejoy

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (2002)

Irrestible game show-bashing indiepop from innovative Brighton group with second album on the Matinee label

Plays Biff Bang Pow (2002)

Gripping, acoustic homage to eighties C86 band Biff Bang Pow by Brighton group, Lovejoy

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