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Chris Jones


Hood/Declining Winter

With his regular band the highly regarded Hood in hiatus, leeds-based musician Richard Adams talks to Chris Jones about his new group the Declining Winter and its just released second album, 'Haunt the Upper Hallways'

For Against
Harper Lee

Vocalist/bassist Jeffery Runnings and guitarist Harry Dingman from Nebraskan post-punks For Against speak to Chris Jones about their band's long twenty five year history, seven albums and Dingman's recent return to the band after an absence of sixteen years
Former front man with indiepop groups Brighter and Harper Lee, Keris Howard chats to Chris Jones about one time Sarah Records' signing Brighter's second compilation, 'Out to Sea', which has just been released on Matinee Records
Indiepop act Lovejoy, the project of Brighton-based singer-songwriter Richard Preece,has just released a new EP, 'England Made me'. Chris Jones speaks to him about it and its recording

My Ruin

Berlin-based musician Patrick Goldstein's solo project meld 60's pop, Northern Soul, Motown, dance, Spy music, and a touch of jazz . Witha regular base now at the Firestation label, he chats to Chris Jones about his long musical career
If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, winter has probably started making its way into your life. The cold air is moving in and sweaters and jackets are becoming part of your wardrobe again. Rainy
PB : Your music has a lo-fi quality that gives it a feeling of immediacy. By that I mean, it sounds a bit raw and I can almost picture you sitting there playing the songs when I listen to them. Is t
My Ruin are the first band I’ve ever stagedived to. Let me start by saying that. The LA four-piece, fronted by verbal assailant Tairrie B, one-time teen rap star and former frontwoman of rap metal



Chris Jones talks to Jimmy Tassos, the head of the Matinee label, about what he thinks about the current state of indie pop and his plans for the label in 2004


Intricate and delicate in sound , Minneapolis label Words on Music has been one of the constant bestselling labels on the Pennyblackmusic site. Chris Jones chats to co-owner Eric Ostermeier about the label's first four years and its releases to date

Live Reviews

Turin Brakes - Slim's, San Francisco, 17/6/2003

Turin Brakes
Long-term Turin Brakes fan Chris Jones watches the Balham duo play a perfect intimate set at Slim's, a medium-sized venue in San Francisco


In what was a unique evening, drawing together "a crowd of indie kids, skaters, hip - hop head and Brit -poppers", Chris Jones enjoys an eclectic San Francsico show featuring Styrofoam, Themselves and the much acclaimed Notwist

Favourite Albums


Moose often find themselves unfairly labelled under the shoegazer tag. Chris Jones, however, writes about their "perfect" third album, 'Live a Lot, Love a Little', "a great album of classic pop songs"
The house is on fire and you've only got enough time to grab one record. You've been exiled to a deserted island and can only bring one record. You own over a 1000 records and a friend asks whi


Soundtrack of Our Lives

In the latest in our series, in which our writers write about the importance of music at memorable times in their lives, Chris Jones writes about falling in and out of love whilst playing tracks from Spiritualized's 'Lazer Guided Melodies' on his university campus radio show


Project Skyward
Hush Now
Cancel the Astronauts

Indigestible shoegazing/electronica on second album from Project Skyward, the moniker for New York musician Ryan Field
Upbeat power pop-influenced first single from their second album for Boston-based group, the Hush Now
Innovative and playful rock on five song debut EP from offbeat Edinburgh-based band, Cancel the Astronauts
Unique-sounding space rock on second album from Aerosol, the project of Danish-based post-rock musician, Rasmus Rasmussen

Declining Winter
For Against

Familiar-sounding, but also fresh and inventive second album from the Declining Winter, the side project of Hood member Richard Adams
Other worldly and enigmatic-sounding space rock on hypnotic latest album from Birmingham-based electronic group, Avrocar
Dark and disturbing but haunting ambience on debut album from Leeds-based group Glissando, the project of one-time couple Elly May Irving and Richard Knox
Haunted and enthralling dreampop on seventh album from Nebraskan post-punk survivors, For Against, which sees the return of original guitarist Harry Dingman after a 16 year absence

July Skies
Asobi Seksu
Magic Bullets
Meeting Places

Reverent and thoughtful largely instrumental fourth album from July Skies, the project of Antony Harding, which with evocative tenderness displays a deep longing for the past
Optimistic-sounding first single from New York bliss-rockers Asobi Seksu's long awaited second album, 'Citrus'
Astonishing C*6-influenced debut album from the Magic Bullets, who surprisingly come from San Francisco rather than Britain
Powerful second album from Los Angeles band the Meeting Places, who self-describe their sound as "noisepop"

July Skies
Harper Lee

Fabulous second compilation on the Matinee label for late 80's/early 90's shoegaze/indiepop group and former Sarah Records act Brighter
Sublime and delicately evocative post rock on third album from July Skies, the project of London-based musician Anthony Harding
Diverse and unpredictable 60's-style psychedelic pop on Fat Cat label from Seattle-based band, Welcome
Familiar-sounding, but also excellent electropop on new EP from Brighton duo Harper Lee, the seventh of Californian indiepop label Matinee Records

East River Pipe
Clue To Kalo

Melancholic, but perfect new EP from Lovejoy, the moniker of Brighton-based indiepop musician Richard Preece, which includes a cover of the June Brides' 'In the Rain'
Compelling and forceful new album from Destroyer, the moniker of part-time New Pornographer and full-time solo artist Dan Bejar
Bleakly humorous latest album from New York's East River Pipe, the project of one-time homeless alcoholic FW Cornog
Initially baffling, but ultimately totally compelling second album from Clue to Kalo, which combines a West Coast/60's pop feel with electronica

For Against
July Skies

Debut album from new Berlin-based jangly indiepop band the Sealevel, who have formed out of the ashes of the critically acclaimed the Seaside Stars
Soothing melancholic indiepop on third album from Lovejoy, the moniker for Brighton-based singer-songwriter Richard Preece
Timely re-release on Words on Music label of brooding Nebraskan post punks For Against 1986's lost masterpiece, 'Echelons'
Haunting, eccentric post rock from July Skies, the solo project of Avrocar's Anthony Harding, dedicated to airmen killed during the Second World War

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