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Meeting Places - Numbered Days

  by Chris Jones

published: 24 / 1 / 2007

Meeting Places - Numbered Days
Label: Words On Music
Format: CD


Powerful second album from Los Angeles band the Meeting Places, who self-describe their sound as "noisepop"

'Numbered Days' is the second full length release from Los Angeles band the Meeting Places. The dreampop/shoegaze sound explored on their first album, 2003's 'Find Yourself Along the Way', is still there, but in a somewhat different guise this time around. Things seemed to be reigned in a bit this time and the songs are more concise. Perhaps this is why they are using the word "noisepop" to describe their sound these days. Semantics aside, the Meeting Places use washes of guitar noise ala early Ride or Slowdive as the backdrop upon which Chase Harris adds his almost understated vocals. The vocals aren't quite buried in the mix, but they aren't pushed to the front either. In fact, all of the elements employed seem to have fairly equal billing in the mix. The solid drumming and basslines don't just support the guitars, they join with them to strongly propel each song along. One thing that does stand out though is the greater use of quiet-loud dynamics on this album. Whereas the songs on the debut album tended to explore one extreme or the other, this time out sparse, echoing, guitar notes are countered by dense, buzzing, guitar drones in an almost verse-chorus like manner. This could be another reason for the noisepop designation (the "shoegazer" tag gets rejected yet again...). From the rocking opening track 'Love Like the Movies', all the way to the closer 'Cardboard Robot', the Meeting Places deliver a very solid second album. They've added some pop like structure to their songs which contains them a bit, but doesn't limit them. Further, the dynamics of the songs let the band show off their quiet and loud skills in the span of a few minutes. It will be interesting to see where they go from here.

Track Listing:-
1 Love Like the Movies
2 Until It's Gone
3 Nothing's the Same
4 Mumble
5 Hall of Fame
6 Sink into Stone
7 Numbered Days
8 The City's Asleep
9 Pause
10 Cardboard Robot

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