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Words On Music


Almost Charlie (2009)

The Plural of Yes
Superb second album from lush-sounding Berlin/New York-based collaboration Almost Charlie, who draw strong comparisions with Prefab Sprout

Almost Charlie (2017)

A Different Kind of Here
Transatlantic Berlin and New York-based songwriting partnership Almost Charlie deliver their fourth album of wistful pop

Coastal (2001)

I tend to like bands that can create an atmosphere with their music. That atmosphere can be dark, energetic, spacey, sleepy etc. and my mood will determine whatI listen to. I had never heard of Coasta

Coastal (2005)

Halfway To You
Slow burning and sparsely beautiful second album from Utah group Coastal, who have toured with Low and who are back after a four year absence

Coastal (2015)

Beneath the Snow and Streetlights
Wintry yet spellbinding third album from long inactive Utah band Coastal, which consists of five new songs alongside various compilation tracks and other rarities

For Against (2005)

Timely re-release on Words on Music label of brooding Nebraskan post punks For Against 1986's lost masterpiece, 'Echelons'

For Against (2003)

Stunning heartfelt "dream pop" on sixth album from long serving, but obscure Nebraskan group, For Against

For Against (2005)

Bleak, but powerful re-release of cult American post punk act For Against's long deleted 1988 second album 'December'

For Against (2008)

Shade Side Sunny Side
Haunted and enthralling dreampop on seventh album from Nebraskan post-punk survivors, For Against, which sees the return of original guitarist Harry Dingman after a 16 year absence

For Against (2010)

Never Been
Fine eighth album from Nebraskan-based dream pop act For Against, who, despite having first formed in 1985, have suddenly found themselves back in style

Lorna (2009)

Writing Down Things to Say
Sparsely beautiful, but also ambitious third album from Nottingham-based group, Lorna, who have similarities with both Sparklehorse and the Willard Grant Conspiracy

Lorna (2005)

Static Patterns And Souvenirs
Superlative genre-defying debut album from Nottingham-based band Lorna, who while popular in Spain still remain unknown in their own country

Lorna (2015)

London’s Leaving Me
Meticulous indie-pop on fifth album from critically-acclaimed Nottingham-based sextet, Lorna

Lorna (2013)

Heart of Wire
Exquisite blend of indie-pop, shoegaze, country and folk on fourth album from Nottingham-based cult act, Lorna

Lucy Show (2012)

Fascinating collection of singles, outtakes and vinyl-only releases on retrospective album from 1980's alternative rockers, the Lucy Show

Magic Bullets (2007)

A Child But in Life Yet a Doctor in Love
Astonishing C*6-influenced debut album from the Magic Bullets, who surprisingly come from San Francisco rather than Britain

Meeting Places (2003)

Find Yourself Along The Way
Unnecessary and unoriginal shoegazing pop on debut album from the Meeting Places, a Los Angeles quartet with a strong Slowdive influence

Meeting Places (2007)

Numbered Days
Powerful second album from Los Angeles band the Meeting Places, who self-describe their sound as "noisepop"

Motion Picture (2001)

A Paper Gift
The first album that I ever reviewed for Pennyblackmusic was Motion Picture's previous album 'For a Distant Movie Star'. While I'd like to think my review writing technique has gotten better over that

Motion Picture (2001)

Every Last Romance
"Underwhelming" typically isn't a compliment, but in the case of this CD it is meant in the best of ways. this album is so warm and soft sounding that before you know it 40 minutes has passed and it'

Scumbag Philosopher (2011)

It Means Nothing So it Means Nothing
Abrasive, political new wave rock on debut album from Norwich band, Sc*mbag Philosopher

Should (2002)

A Folding Sieve
Lush and beautiful re-release/compilation by the American shoegazing band, Should

Should (2014)

The Great Pretend
Experimental and diverse fourth album from influential Austin, Texas-based trio, Should

Should (2011)

Like a Fire Without Sound
Excellent third album and first release in over a decade for influential Texas-based slowcore band, Should



Words on Music
Interview with Eric Ostermeier Miscellaneous - Interview with Eric Ostermeier

Intricate and delicate in sound , Minneapolis label Words on Music has been one of the constant bestselling labels on the Pennyblackmusic site. Chris Jones chats to co-owner Eric Ostermeier about the label's first four years and its releases to date


Lucy Show
...undone Lucy Show - ...undone

Andrew Carver looks at London-formed band the Lucy Show's post-punk debut album, '...undone', which has recently been reissued on the American Words On Music label

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