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For Against - Shade Side Sunny Side

  by Chris Jones

published: 8 / 5 / 2008

For Against - Shade Side Sunny Side
Label: Words On Music
Format: CD


Haunted and enthralling dreampop on seventh album from Nebraskan post-punk survivors, For Against, which sees the return of original guitarist Harry Dingman after a 16 year absence

Rapidly approaching their 25th year of existence, Lincoln, Nebraska's For Against are back with their seventh album, 'Shade Side Sunny Side'. also back, after a 16 year"break", is original guitarist Harry Dingman III. Jeffrey Runnings takes over the bass duties again and continues to be the voice of the band. I half expected this album to be an upbeat post-punk affair, thinking that the return of Dingman may have put the band into some sort of "honeymoon" mood. Turns out,this album is much darker and moodier than that. More haunted-dreampop than post-punk, both the music and lyrics explore a somewhat sadder and angrier space. Growing older,getting betrayed, giving up, Runnings' vocals carry these topics throughout the album. All the while, Dingman's guitar veers between clean, echoed notes and feedback drenched drones, as long time drummer Paul Engelhard holds everything together with his tight and powerful playing. Many of the songs on the album clock in at 6+ minutes, giving ample time to let the songs develop, change tempo and mood. 'Game Over' might demonstrate this best, beginning with just a piano and Runnings' voice for the first two minutes before Dingman's echoed notes join in. The piano and Runnings take over again only to eventually become enveloped in washes of guitar. Their cover version of Section 25's 'Friendly Fires' is highlighted by the contrast between the smooth, steady bassline provided by Runnings and the on the verge of chaos, yet contained squall of Dingman's guitar. While many bands tend to use quiet vs loud to give some sense of dynamics, For Against is able to create tension in a much more subtle, yet more powerful way regardless of the volume. For Against could have easily gone back to the sound they had on 1988's 'December' when Dingman was last in the band, but they didn't. Instead, they have shown that even after 25 years this is a band that continues to explore, develop and challenge both themselves and their fans.

Track Listing:-
1 Glamour
2 Underestimate
3 Why Are You So Angry?
4 Aftertaste
5 Friendly Fires
6 Game Over
7 Spirit Lake
8 Quiet Please
9 Irresistable

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