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For Against


Interview (2008)

For Against - Interview

Vocalist/bassist Jeffery Runnings and guitarist Harry Dingman from Nebraskan post-punks For Against speak to Chris Jones about their band's long twenty five year history, seven albums and Dingman's recent return to the band after an absence of sixteen years


Never Been (2010)

Fine eighth album from Nebraskan-based dream pop act For Against, who, despite having first formed in 1985, have suddenly found themselves back in style

Shade Side Sunny Side (2008)

Haunted and enthralling dreampop on seventh album from Nebraskan post-punk survivors, For Against, which sees the return of original guitarist Harry Dingman after a 16 year absence

Echelons (2005)

Bleak, but powerful re-release of cult American post punk act For Against's long deleted 1988 second album 'December'

Echelons (2005)

Timely re-release on Words on Music label of brooding Nebraskan post punks For Against 1986's lost masterpiece, 'Echelons'

Coalesced (2003)

Stunning heartfelt "dream pop" on sixth album from long serving, but obscure Nebraskan group, For Against

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