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Avrocar - Against The Dying Of The Light

  by Chris Jones

published: 11 / 9 / 2008

Avrocar - Against The Dying Of The Light
Label: Make Mine Music
Format: CD


Other worldly and enigmatic-sounding space rock on hypnotic latest album from Birmingham-based electronic group, Avrocar

Avrocar have been recording since the 90's, and their early albums seemed to reside in a place somewhere between post rock and space rock. Latterly Avrocar's sound became more terrestrial, but as if looking back in time on scenes isolated and forgotten. Now with this Avrocar album, the feeling has definitely left the planet again, but this time it is much softer than before. More flowing. Possibly more hypnotic. The songs seem to glide and hang almost as if in orbit above the earth, watching as continents drift in an out of darkness. Nothing happens too abruptly, though on occasion a fragment of a transmission is picked up. breaking through the electromagnetic hum, bounced off the atmosphere and captured briefly. It's orgin unknown, it's message unclear. The album reminds me of the quieter side of Flying Saucer Attack or Windy & Carl or perhaps even Labradford, and it makes me feel like walking out to an opening in the woods, lying down on my back, putting on some headphones, turning the volume up and scanning the skies. All the while, somewhere up there, a someone or something in an Avrocar, with their headphones on, scans the surface of the earth.

Track Listing:-
1 Rayleigh Scattering
2 Iac
3 Ultra Brontë
4 Our World Is Their Heaven
5 Dialogue
6 Illustrate A Way To Survive
7 Against The Dying Of The Light
8 Soft Lightning
9 The Element Library. Visual Deep
10 Near Water
11 Forst Zinna
12 From An Adjacent Field

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