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Pale Sunday - Summertime ?

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 28 / 8 / 2005

Pale Sunday - Summertime ?
Label: Matinee Recordings
Format: CD


Enjoyable indiepop on debut album from Pale Sunday, a trio that are based in Brazil but whom sing in English

'Summertime ?' is the debut album of Pale Sunday, an indiepop trio, consisting of vocalist Luiz Gustavo, guitarist Sineval Santos and drummer Fabricio Contini, that are based in Brazil but whom sing in English. It kicks off with 'The White Tambourine', which is an equal mixture of innocence and fuzzy guitars,and is fronted by a charming vocal from Gustavo. 'Mary' is totally twee and has a cool Rickenbacker mid 80's beat and minimal drums. The fuzzy guitars kick in later on, bringing it to a dynamic end. 'Sunday Morning' is not the Velvet Underground song, but sounds like Hefner playing something out of one of the Sarah Records' bands back catologue. It has a strong guitar break. and another vocal from Gustavo which is as innocent as a smile. 'Twiggy Superstar' starts softly and could be the soundtrack for any young couple, but then its chorus speeds things up. 'My Punk Girl' is the Wedding Present on a budget, a twee boy pogoing classic. 'Never Fall Apart' is jangly and recalls early REM with its powerful forward beats. 'She"ll Never Be Mine' sounds like Biff, Bang, Pow !' but Gustavo can actually sing and it is more cinematic in tone. '1978' is again twee and jangly, while 'A Safe Place' is gentle and slow and one for hand holders and dreamers. 'Strangeways' is not the Smiths song either, but has well-crafted arrangements and a strong confident vocal and it brings this excellent album to a satisfying and positive close.

Track Listing:-
1 The White Tambourine
2 Mary
3 Sunday Morning
4 Twiggy Superstar
5 My Punk Girl
6 Never Fall Apart
7 She'll Never Be Mine
8 1978
9 A Safe Place
10 Strangeways

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