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Hermit Crabs - Correspondence Course EP

  by Tommy Gunnarsson

published: 11 / 2 / 2009

Hermit Crabs - Correspondence Course EP
Label: Matinee Recordings
Format: CDS


Predictable, but solid indie pop from Glaswegian group the Hermit Crabs, who are fronted by former California Snow Story drummer Melanie Whittle

Ever since Belle and Sebastian first caught the world’s attention more than a decade ago, Glasgow has been something of a centre for acoustic indie pop groups. When one such band California Snow Story (a group started by former Camera Obscura member David Stirling) took a few years sabbatical after the release of its fabulous first EP, 'One Good Summer' on Shelflife, their drummer Melanie Whittle decided that she wanted a band of her own, and...voila!...the Hermit Crabs were formed. In early 2007, their debut release, 'Feel Good Factor', an EP came out on the US label Matinée, and was followed by an album, 'Saw You Dancing', in October of that very same year. Now the time has come for some new material, and this four-track EP by this Glaswegian foursome is, I presume, a taste for what’s to come later this year. And it’s looking good, I must say. I should admit that I have totally missed out on this band before, even though their label is one of my all-time favourites, so 'Correspondence Course' is my first acquaintance with them. As the band is related to California Snow Story, it will come perhaps as no surprise that they sound like… well, California Snow Story. Or Camera Obscura, for that matter. It is a bit predictable maybe, but good nonetheless. I’m looking forward to the next album, and in the meantime I will check out the first one.

Track Listing:-
1 About You Before
2 Correspondence Course
3 Turn The Clock Back
4 I Don't Know How

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