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Hermit Crabs


Interview (2008)

Hermit Crabs - Interview

Glaswegian indie pop group the Hermit Crabs released their debut album, 'Saw You Dancing', on Matinee Records last year. Dixie Ernill speaks to guitarist John Ferguson and vocalist Melanie Whittle about how they write their songs, the album and their plans for the future


In My Flat (2016)

Dreamy country-influenced indie pop on second full-length album from elusive Glaswegian trio, the Hermit Crabs

Time Relentless EP (2012)

Dreamy indie pop on first EP in three years from Glasgow-based group, the Hermit Crabs

Correspondence Course EP (2009)

Predictable, but solid indie pop from Glaswegian group the Hermit Crabs, who are fronted by former California Snow Story drummer Melanie Whittle

Saw You Dancing (2008)

Fantastic underground indie pop on debut album from C86-influenced Glaswegian group, the Hermit Crabs

Feel Good Factor EP (2007)

Unappealing indiepop on debut EP from new Glasgow-based group, the Hermit Crabs

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