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Razorcuts - R is for...Razorcuts

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 15 / 11 / 2002

Razorcuts - R is for...Razorcuts
Label: Matinee Recordings
Format: CD


Long awaited nostalgia-inducing retrospective from C86 legends the Razorcuts

I only ever saw the Razorcuts once in the summer, I think, of '87. They played a 2 night Creation Records special upstairs at the Clarendon in London (which was above the Hammersmith Tube). The Clarendon was a dive, but it was home for a while and it was the first place I ever saw Primal Scream, at which stage they were a Byrds-addicted tribute band. That is pretty much what the Razorcuts were, lasting for 5 years and taking their name from a lyric on the Buzzcocks 'Love You More'. For those of you who weren't there, C86, of which both Primal Scream and the Razorcuts were then a part, was the coolest movement ever. It was punk influenced 60's jangly psychedelic-influenced pop. Primal Scream were the kings of this and, as far as I was concerned, even then they were the coolest band on the planet. They didn't even have to play. They just looked good and when they played it was the stuff of summer, and of love, and of your future dreams coming true. So what if vocalist Bobby Gillespie often sung out of tune ? The Razorcuts were very much in the same vein, using Rickenbacker guitars, and having cool haircuts a la John Cale. Everyone there was young and happy. They didn't have to worry about mortgages, pensions and jobs. We bought vinyl on 7' and fanzines and had pin badges of our favourite bands. 'R is for...Razorcuts' takes you back there and leaves you with a great, big smile for the duration of its journey. Happy days indeed. The Razorcuts vocalist Gregory Webster is now the frontman in Sportique.

Track Listing:-
1 I'll Still Be There
2 Big Pink Cake
3 Summer In Your Heart
4 Mary Day
5 Sorry To Embarrass You
6 A is for Alphabet
7 8 Times Around the World
8 I Heard You The First Time
9 Jade
10 A Contract With God
11 Brighter Now
12 Storyteller
13 Everyday Eyes
14 Try
15 Across the Meadow
16 I Won't Let You Down
17 The World Keeps Turning
18 The Last Picture Show
19 Sad Kaleidoscope (1986 flexi-disc)
20 The Horror of Party Beach (1985 demo)
21 I'll Still Be There (single version)

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