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All Saints (2006)

Rock Steady
Debut single from first album in six years for reformed chart-busting girls' group, All Saints

All Saints (2006)

Studio 1
Uninspiring, undemanding comeback album from massive selling girls' group All Saints

Athlete (2005)

24 Hours
Distinctly middle-of-the-road pop from rising act Athlete

Athlete (2007)

Beyond the Neighbourhood
Anthemic third album from bestselling South East London-based group, Athlete

Babyshambles (2007)

Classy new single from Babyshambles, which shows Pete Doherty for all his drug problems capable of writing a great tune

Beastie Boys (2005)

Solid Gold Hits
Enjoyable greatest hits compilation from durable indie hip-hoppers the Beastie Boys

Beverley Knight (2007)

Music City Soul
New album from soul diva Beverley Knight, which was recorded in Nashville with session players who had worked with Elvis Presley and Al Green

Bob Marley And The Wailers (2015)

Easy Skanking in Boston 78
Occasionally ragged but overall strong live album from Bob Marley and the Wailers, which, previously only available on bootleg, was recorded at two 1978 Boston concerts

Bonnie Raitt (2005)

Souls Alike
Solid middle-of-the-road classic country rock on 18th album from Bonnie Raitt

Claire Sproule (2005)

Claire Sproule
Unabrasive easy listening on debut album from 21 year old Irish singer/songwrier Claire Sproule

Coldplay (2005)

Fix You
Second single from Coldplay's 'X and Y', the second greatest selling album of all time

Coldplay (2008)

Viva La Vida
Praiseworthy fourth album from the increasingly experimental Coldplay, which reveals itself to be their best album to date

Coldplay (2005)

Speed Of Sound
First single from Coldplay's eagerly anticipated third album, 'X & Y'

Coldplay (2005)

Solid anthemic rock from Coldplay on their third single from their 'X and Y' album

Coldplay (2009)

Strawberry Swing
Undemandin download only latest single from the ever prolific Coldplay

Crowded House (2006)

Farewell to the World
10th anniversary double CD/DVD of Crowded House's last ever show, which took place outside Sydney's famous Opera House in front of 120,000 fans

Crowded House (2007)

Time on Earth
Fine comeback album from New Zealand group Crowded House which finds them working with Johnny Marr and is their first since they split up over a decade ago

Crowded House (2007)

Don't Stop Now
Near perfect comeback single from reformed New Zealand rockers, Crowded House

Dandy Warhols (2005)

Odditorium Or Warlords Of Mars
Disappointingly over-experimental and self-indulgent fifth album from the usually far more reliable Dandy Warhols

Dandy Warhols (2005)

Smoke It !
Uncommercial and decidely odd choice of first single from Portland stoners Dandy Warhols new album 'Odditorium or Warlords of Mars'

Departure (2005)

Arms Around Me
Final single from the Departure's brilliant 'Dirty Words'album, which is being issued only on 7" green vinyl

Departure (2004)

Be My Enemy
Enjoyable second single from the Departure, which shows themto be "without a doubt forerunners of the new 80’s revival"

Departure (2005)

Lump In My Throat
Third single from deservedly hyped Northamton group the Departure, which is "a cacophony of angular rhythms, edgy bass and echo ridden New Wave guitar duelling"

Departure (2005)

All Mapped Out
Re-release of the Departure's powerful first single, which comes in a variety of versions each containing unreleased B Sides and remixes

Dilated Peoples (2006)

Back Again
Uninspiring standard hip hop on new single from hip hop heavyweights, Dilated People

EG (2009)

Adventure Man
Lovely-sounding debut solo album from EG White, who has co-written songs with both Duffy and Adele

Finn Brothers (2005)

Edible Flowers
Mature classic-sounding pop from Neil and Tim Finn, former stars with Split Enz and Crowded House

Freddie Mercury (2006)

Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs
Double CD compilation of solo material from late Queen front man Freddie Mercury, released to coincide with what would have been his 60th birthday

George Harrison (2006)

Living in the Material World
Digitially mastered reissue with extra tracks of George Harrison early 1973 solo album

Good, the Bad and The Queen (2006)

Debut single from Damon Albarn's latest project the Good, the Bad and the Queen, which in an all-star line-up also features Paul Simonon from the Clash

Good, the Bad and The Queen (2007)

Kingdom of Doom
Experimental second single from ex Blur singer Damon Albarn's new supergroup the Good, the Bad and the Ugly which includes paul Simonon from the Clash and Simon Tong from the Verve

Good, the Bad and The Queen (2007)

Good, the Bad and the Queen
Slightly disappointing debut album from the Good, the Bad and the Queen, the new band of Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz, Paul Simonon from the Clash and Simon Tong from the Verve

Gorillaz (2005)

Demon Days
Strong second album from Blur frontman Damon Albarn's side project Gorillaz, which proves tohave more spark and vibrancy to it than his regular band

Gorillaz (2005)

New single from Damon Albaran's Gorillaz, and the stand-out track from their bestselling 'Dare' album

Graham Coxon (2006)

What Ya Gonna Do Now/Bloody Annoying
New 7 inch and download only single from former Blur guitarist, Graham Coxon

Idlewild (2005)

Demanding, but intelligent and rewarding fifth album from Idlewild, back after a three year absence

Idlewild (2005)

El Capitan
Charming latest single from Idlewild, who are rapidly becoming the Scottish answer to R.E.M.

Jamelia (2006)

Beware of the Dog
Strong dance single, which will appeal to indie followers, as well as Jamelia's more regular soul fanbase

Jamelia (2007)

No More
Latest single from soul diva Jamelia, which includes a sample from the classic Stranglers song 'Golden Brown'

Joe Cocker (2007)

Hymn for My Soul
Classy new album from Joe Cocker, consisting mainly of covers of songs from song writers such as George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder and John Fogerty

John Lennon (2005)

Working Class Hero
Sumptious new double CD of John Lennon solo material , released to coincide with what would have been his 65th birthday

Kylie (2007)

First album in four years from Kylie, which while having few surprises, nevertheless has a classic pop sound

Kylie (2009)

Enjoyable collection of remixes of some of Kylie's biggest hits of recent years

Kylie Minogue (2007)

Showgirl Homecoming Live
Excellent double live CD recorded on the second date of Kylie Minogue's recently restarted world tour

Kylie Minogue (2005)

Giving You Up
Kylie goes indie in sound with her new single, which fuses elements of New Order with the Who

Late of the Pier (2008)

Fantasy Black Channel
Eclectic debut album from much hyped Castle Donnington four-piece Late of the Pier, which merges together elements of funk, heavy metal, prog, folk and early 80's synth pop

Morning Runner (2005)

Be All You Want Me To Be
Third Parlophone single from Reading-based group Morning Runner who toured with Coldplay in the summer

Ono (2007)

Yes, I'm a Witch
Appealing compilation from Yoko Ono, which comprises of a set of remixes and collaborations between herself and several current acts on the alt. rock scene including Peaches, Spiritualised's Jason Pierce, the Flaming Lips, Sleepy Jackson and Craig Armstrong

Panic Channel (2006)

Full-on heavy metal on debut album from the Panic Channel, which features Dave Navarro, Stephen Perkins and Chris Chaney from Jane's Addiction, and Steve Isaacs who has fronted Skycycle, his own band

Pet Shop Boys (2007)

Disco 4
New album from the Pet Shop Boys, which finds them remixing tracks of their own and also by a wide range of other artists including the Killers, David Bowie,Yoko Ono and Madonna

Pet Shop Boys (2009)

Love etc
First single from their tenth and latest studio album 'Yes' for the Pet Shop Boys, which, while maintaining their big pop sound also finds them moving in a different direction

Pet Shop Boys (2009)

Outstanding tenth album from the Pet Shop Boys, which finds them working with both the Girls Aloud production team, Xenomania, and also former Smith guitarist, Johnny Marr

Queen with Paul Rodgers (2008)

Fantastic new single from Queen, who now have former Free singer Paul Rodgers as their front man

Relient K (2007)

Score and Seven Years Ago
Eclectic, but staid and forumulaic pop on seventh album from the bestselling Relient K

Richard Ashcroft (2005)

Break The Night With Colour
Masterful first single from former Verve front man Richard Ashcroft's forthcoming third solo album

Richard Ashcroft (2005)

Keys To The World
Disappointing third solo album from former Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft

Richard Ashcroft (2006)

Why Not Nothing/Sweet Brother Malcolm
Double A-sided vinyl only latest single from his bestselling solo album 'Keys to the World' for former Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft

Richard Hawley (2012)

Leave Your Body Behind You
Mournful yet ultimately uplifting first single from his seventh album for acclaimed Sheffield-based singer-songwriter, Richard Hawley

Richard Hawley (2012)

Standing at the Sky's Edge
Epic and timeless seventh album made for the main stage of festivals from Sheffield-based singer-songwriter, Richard Hawley

Siobhan Donaghy (2007)

Adult-sounding, often very alternative pop on second solo album from ex-Sugababes member, Siobhan Donaghy

Stereophonics (2019)

Minimal but emotive eleventh album from Welsh rockers the Stereophonics that will help cement their continuing place as one of the UK’s most successful bands

Supergrass (2005)

Low C
John Lennon-inspired latest single from Supergrass

Supergrass (2005)

Road To Rouen
Surprising change of direction on fifth album for the chart topping Supergrass, which finds them looking back to the 60's and 70's for most of their influences

Supergrass (2008)

Diamond Hoo Ha Man
Blues-based return to form on new single from Britpop survivors, Supergrass

Supergrass (2008)

Diamond Hoo Ha
Decent and diverse-sounding pop-influenced sixth album from Britpop survivors, Supergrass

Supergrass (2005)

Trippy 7" only latest and possibly last single to be taken by Brit rockers from their bestelling 'Road to Rouen' album

Supergrass (2005)

St Petersburg
Elegant and entertaining first single from ‘Road to Rouen’, the fifth album from long-serving Britpoppers Supergrass

Tennant / Lowe (2005)

Battleship Potemkin
Fine live soundtrack for 1925 silent cinematic Russian masterpiece 'The Battleship Potemkin' composed by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe of Pet Shop Boys fame

Tim Finn (2006)

Imaginary Kingdom
Perfect pop from Tim Finn, one half of the Finn Brothers and former singer with both Crowded House and Split Enz

Tiny Dancers (2006)

Lions and Tigers and Lions
Enjoyableely poppy five track CD from recent Parlophone signings, Tiny Dancers

Tiny Dancers (2007)

I Will Wait for You
Loud and charming first proper single on Parlophone for much hyped Yorkshire-based band Tiny Dancers

Tiny Dancers (2007)

Hannah, We Know
Summery, sublime-sounding first single from their debut album 'Free School Milk' for Tiny Dancers

Tiny Dancers (2007)

Free School Milk
Energetic and joyful-sounding debut album from 60's and early 70's Yorkshire-based group Tiny Dancers

Various (2008)

My Blueberry Nights (Music From The Motion Picture)
Enjoyable soundrtrack album which includes exclusive tracks from Norah Jones, who also stars in the film, and Ry Cooder

Various (2009)

War Child Heroes
Decidely up and down collection of covers of classic songs from the likes of the Kooks, Duffy, Lily Allen and Rufus Wainwright for the War Child charity

Verve (2008)

Love is Noise
Spendid first single in ten years from the Verve, which comes in various different formats

Verve (2008)

Lazy and somewhat formulaic fourth album and first CD in eleven years from the Verve

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