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All Saints - Studio 1

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 29 / 11 / 2006

All Saints - Studio 1
Label: Parlophone
Format: CD


Uninspiring, undemanding comeback album from massive selling girls' group All Saints

All Saints return ! Five years ago they were huge, but now does anyone care ? The Saturday teenie bopper crowd have now all got weekend part-time jobs and even the Saturday TV music shows have up and gone. So will this wet the mouths of the new ladies about town ? The ones I have seen pick it up in record shops looked at it for nostalgia's sake, but not for now. It starts off with the first single, 'Rock Steady', which is full of reggae dub beats, but with its heard-it-a-thousand times-before vocal is catchy only in a retro way. 'Chick Fit' brings back memories of the Spice Girls, while 'On and On' starts off sounding like Blondie's 'Heart of Glass' before a rippled effect and a self-confessional vocal both come in, the latter sung as a four part harmony. You can instantly see an expensive video playing in your head to this. 'Scar' sounds very 80's with its layers of trumpet. 'Not Easy' is a beats and dubs based pop number, while 'Hell No' shows some girl-powered attitude over some trip hop flavoured nu soul. 'One Me and U' is an easy listening track, while 'Headlock' is a pop dance number. 'Too Nasty' is an 80's style piano-based ballad updated for the new century. On 'In It to Win It' they sound like they are auditioning for the Saturday lottery. It is another potential single. Again you see a video playing in your head. It has good grooves and is a solid R'n'B number. 'Flashback' meanwhile is clubby wild girl party music, while 'Fundamental' makes a decent end tune. It's just a shame that much of the the rest of the album is not as strong as this.

Track Listing:-
1 Rock Steady
2 Chick Fit
3 On and On
4 Scar
5 Not Eazy
6 Hell No
7 One Me and U
8 Headlock
9 Too Nasty
10 In It to Win It
11 Flashback
12 Fundamental

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