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Tiny Dancers - Free School Milk

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 8 / 7 / 2007

Tiny Dancers - Free School Milk
Label: Parlophone
Format: CD


Energetic and joyful-sounding debut album from 60's and early 70's Yorkshire-based group Tiny Dancers

It's been a while coming but much touted Yorkshire group Tiny Dancers finally release their debut album, and it is a pure joy from start to finish. '20 to 9' starts 'Free School Milk' off in a prog fashion and like an early 60's Pink Floyd track before it develops a cool groove which sounds somewhere between Richard Ashcroft and Echo and the Bunnymen. 'I Will Wait for You' is very 1970's, sounding like a lot of this very much like Neil Diamond. 'Baby Love' sounds like Neil jamming on the set of 'Rainbow' while 'Shame' has masterful guitar playing. Singer David Kay's vocal here is charming and calming at the same time, pleasant and summer filled, and this is a song to put a smile on your face. The guitar work on 'Ashes and Diamonds' recalls that of John Lennon's ' Working Class Hero'. There is a Verve style rhythm to it and it is soft and flowing. 'Bonfire of the Night' is happy and and features handclaps. It is somewhere between the Beach Boys, Dylan and the Magic Numbers. 'Moonsong #2' is somewhere between the Verve, 'Sgt Pepper's' and the Bluetones. 'Hannah, We Know', the first single from the album, is pure joy, very Neil Diamond. 'Hemsworth Hallway' is again Verve like, while 'Sun Goes Down' has a summer party feel, a funky manner and is a little like the Byrds. 'I've Got to Go' again recalls like the Byrds, and, mixed with a touch of Crowded House, also has an Irish flavour to it. 'Deep Water' starts off sounding like another Neil Diamond number before it gears up to become the heaviest track on this fine collection of songs. A masterful summer collection.

Track Listing:-
1 20 To 9
2 I Will Wait For You
3 Baby Love
4 Shame
5 Ashes And Diamonds
6 Bonfire Of The Night
7 Moon Song #2
8 Hannah, We Know
9 Hemsworth Hallway
10 Sun Goes Down
11 I've Got To Go
12 Deep Water

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