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Ty Segall - Harmonizer

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 12 / 4 / 2022

Ty Segall - Harmonizer
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Maarten Schiethart examines unfathomable King of Garage Punk Pop Ty Segall's thirteenth album, which was released at the end of last year.

American garage producer and musician Ty Segall has been flirting with glam and punk for a mere college rock decade or so, but his new album 'Harmonizer' is more than just a pleasure or a whim, befitting the fact that it’s his 13th studio recording. Stereo-wise, 'Harmonizer' buries itself into both one's halves of the scalp and into the brain. Toned down and slowed down from earlier albums, 'Harmonizer' delivers on its promise. For the most part, consistent with Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours' in terms of the number of potential hit chart entries, it's an album of instant belters. But 'Harmonizer' is no wee Californian effort like 'Rumours' has proved to be over the years. Ty Segall never set out to settle. Slippery like extra virgin olive oil, Segall's melody lines link the beauty to the beast. Disharmony may be his ultimate goal – the third track, 'Erased’, perhaps the finest attempt at this goal, sums up the frenzy. The strapping slide guitar licks on 'Pictures' bring to mind the best of the Isley Brothers, and next on from that, in a matter of moments, Segall swiftly moves into brainiac new wave drizzle on 'Ride'. Quite a few such moments will follow. The 'Harmonizer' album seems intent on merging cuddly tunes with irately sharp edges, collapsing genres as it goes. Segall's trademark, that of blithering riffs intertwined with sweet choruses, gutsy punk gushes versus lazy and lush loops, melts here in perfect soul music harmony and slide guitar style. On 'Feel Good' there's a genuine rowdy tribute to Royal Trux as this album shines in honour of belated pubescent obstinacy in stints and with brief reverbs. Ty Segall's everlasting quality might well prove to be his failure to grow up. Closing off with outright glitter rock and 1970s soul mayhem, 'Harmonizer' goes full circle. It’s brand new to young ears and merrily familiar to older ones, the album harmonises all the way. Brash, new, loud, and another undeniable masterpiece.

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Ty Segall - Harmonizer

Ty Segall - Harmonizer

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