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Ty Segall


Babylon, Ottawa, 18/10/2010

Ty Segall - Babylon, Ottawa, 18/10/2010

Andrew Carver at the Babylon in Ottawa sees highly touted Californian Ty Segall play an enthuiastic set of loud, but lo-fi pop


Harmonizer (2022)

Ty Segall - Harmonizer

Maarten Schiethart examines unfathomable King of Garage Punk Pop Ty Segall's thirteenth album, which was released at the end of last year.


Three Bells (2024)

Tedious garage rock on latest double LP from over-prolific San Francisco-based musician Ty Segall

Harmonizer (2021)

Impressive and exciting mash-up of garage rock and electronica from prolific cult musician Ty Segall.

Emotional Mugger (2016)

Obsessive yet disappointing garage rock on eighth album from much acclaimed Californian singer-songwriter, Ty Segall

Sleeper (2013)

Disorientating and mystifying but absolutely compelling blues album from San Francisco-based garage rocker Ty Segall, written in reaction to the death of his father

Cat Black (2013)

Mildly disappointing vinyl only single from usually excellent Californian singer-songwriter, Ty Segall

Would You Be My Love? (2013)

Catchy latest single taken from his excellent album 'Twins' from Californian singer-songwriter, Ty Segall

Twins (2012)

First-rate combination of garage punk and doo-wop on sixth solo album from American power-pop genius, Ty Segall

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