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Ty Segall - Sleeper

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 15 / 8 / 2013

Ty Segall - Sleeper
Label: Drag City
Format: CD


Disorientating and mystifying but absolutely compelling blues album from San Francisco-based garage rocker Ty Segall, written in reaction to the death of his father

Very much the transitional album, 'Sleeper' introspects the young musician's psyche, notably of one whose father passed away, and who had to as a result cancel the leg to a promising tour. Unsure where to head next, Ty Segall sent away his garage rock friends on their well-deserved holiday, after the album 'Twins' had nearly caused global mayhem in Winter 2012. Prolific nonetheless, you'll hear slow garage folk music on Ty Segall's mournful return, on LP, cassette, or if you must; CD, and urggh ... download. Upbeat songs derive out of the sad and lazy twang of tunes like 'The West', and there is shy out-of-tune whistling on 'The Keepers', making this a hypnotizing recollection. Ten songs clock in at thirty-six minutes, and of an impact usually heard only on punk and garage LPs. Segall is just about snotty enough to sound young, "But let them know that the dreamers can still shake hands," he sings. Wisdom teeth have been pulled without doubt. On 'Crazy', Segall, however, croons like an excited soul singer. He is a college radio darling by no doubt, so preferably file 'Sleeper' under psycho blues and folk music. Playing his guitar like a banjo sometimes, the riffs are quite exquisite. On his own now, Ty Segall is picking daisy snares, as the post modern city blues of 'She Don't Care', with its Lennon-esque touches, illustrates. It is as if here Marc Bolan was still alive, and was kicking ass from the depth of his grave. The short fiddle in the middle on 'She Don't Care' comes as a surprise. Either an overdub, or the rare appearance of a band member, it adds a sense of community which this solo LP obviously lacks. 'Sweet C.C.' though motts the hoople. 'Sleeper' lacks the immediate fuzzy buzz on 'Twins' for a good reason. The song 'Queen Lullabye', in sorrowful fashion, is equally disorientating as it is mystifying, both qualities that tend to characterize 'Sleeper'. The skiffling 'The West' shows off more of Ty Segall's songwiting skills, no matter that it's the rewarding last track. 'The West' marks the turning point of this album. From his teen days with the Epsilons on, he's had the knack for writing memorable lines and tunes, and this album shows how much of a gifted musician Ty Segall is. On 'Come Outside', a quite interstellar magic can be enjoyed; off this oddly twisting and homely folk blues affair called 'Sleeper'. Though it won't be so recognised, the album may be one of this decade's best blues LPs.

Track Listing:-
1 Sleeper
2 The Keepers
3 Crazy
4 The Man Man
5 She Don't Care
6 Come Outside
7 6th Street
8 Sweet C.C.
9 Queen Lullabye
10 The West

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