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Drag City


Alasdair Roberts (2009)

Superb fourth album of original material from Scottish folk artist Alasdair Roberts, who has taken the sounds of a long forgotten time and then injected them with his own unique vision

Alasdair Roberts (2015)

Alasdair Roberts
Understated but beautiful eponymous latest album from Scottish folk artist, Alasdair Roberts

Alasdair Roberts (2019)

The Fiery Margin
Inventive and intelligent new album from folk artist Alasdair Roberts, which will cement his growing reputation

Alasdair Roberts, Amble Skuse and David McGuinness (2018)

What News
Superb twelfth album from critically acclaimed Scottish folk artist Alasdair Roberts, which finds him collaborating with electronic experimental musician Amble Skuse and music historian David McGuiness

Appendix Out (2001)

Night Is Advancing
You're wrong thinking that every Scottish band does get the exposure it deserves. Signed to Chicago's Drag City records, Appendix Out have released their fourth album without a great deal of publicity

Bill Callahan (2009)

Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle
Unassuming, but decent latest offering of Americana from ex-Smog man Bill Callahan

Bill Callahan (2013)

Dream River
Contemplative and lyrical acoustic latest album from former Smog front man, Bill Callahan

Black Bananas (2012)

Rad Times Xpress IV
Warped funk and glam rock on debut album from Black Bananas, the latest moniker for Royal Trux's Jennifer Herrema

Black Bananas (2014)

Electric Black Wall
Unpredictable but gripping fusion of 1970’s rock, funk and electronica on debut album from Black Bananas, the new band of former Royal Trux front-woman Jennifer Herrema

Blues Control (2012)

Valley Tangents
Surprisingly understated and laidback new album from former Brooklyn-based noise rock duo, Blues Control

Brother JT3 (2003)

Hang On In There Baby
"Intrepid" combination of grunge and country rock, recorded in one day by the ever-eccentric Brother JT

Chestnut Station (2001)

In Your Living Room
Last time Rian Murphy appeared on CD, he duelled with Will Oldham on their joint EP 'Almost Heaven'. That was a stylish and self proclaiming but introverted folk pop record. The beast in Mr Murphy n

Cynthia Dall (2002)

Sound Restores Young Men
Eerily mysterious and fragilely haunting post-rock from the enigmatic Cynthia Dall, back with a second album after a six year absence

David Grubbs (2001)

The Spectrum Between
The second solo album of David Grubbs is an exquisite combination of post Van Dyke Parks and new wave rock in the style of David Byrne. In his previous band, as one half of Gastro del Sol, there w

David Grubbs (2008)

An Optimist Notes the Dusk
Melodically rich first album in four years from experimental New York-based musician David Grubbs, who has partially returned to form after a string of uninspiring albums

Death (2015)

Rediscovered proto-punk band Death release their first album of new material in nearly forty years

Elisa Ambrogio (2014)

The Immoralist
Uninspiring debut solo album, which lacks both sense and direction, from Magic Markers' front woman, Elisa Ambrogio

Faun Fables (2004)

Family Album
Compelling debut album from spooky new acoustic duo, Faun Fables

Flat Worms (2020)

Powerful punk on third album from Los Angeles band Flat Worms which provides hope despite these difficult times

Flying Saucer Attack (2001)

Mirror (USA Sleeve)
After being very disappointed with "New Lands", it was with more than just a bit of trepidation that I ended up buying this latest release from Bristol's top saucer pilot. Hell, the artwork alone was

Fucking Champs (2007)

Aggressuve Maths rock from hardcore rockers the Fucking Champs, who surprisingly are starting to sound like XL Recordings duo Ratatat

Ghost (2007)

In Stormy Nights
Vital ninth album from durable, experimental acid folk outfit Ghost

Howling Hex (2008)

Earth Junk
Brisk-sounding garage rock on brief latest album from former Royal Trux star Neil Hagerty's revolving consortium, Howling Hex

Joanna Newsom (2004)

Milk-eyed Mender
Very alternative, but also impressive folk rock on debut album from singer-songwriter and harpist, Joanna Newsom

Laetitia Sadier (2010)

The Trip
Excellent pop-oriented debut solo album for Stereolab singer, Laetitia Sadier

Magik Markers (2013)

Surrender to the Fantasy
Over-indulgent latest album from Connecticut-based psychedelic blues outfit, Magic Markers

Magik Markers (2009)

Balf Quarry
Hard-hitting second album from highly regarded American freak rock duo Magik Markers

Neil Hagerty (2002)

Plays That Good Old Rock And Roll
Second Rolling Stones influenced solo album from former Royal Trux star, which, while owing "a debt to mid seventies rock" throws "in a bit of grunge, echo and chacha" along the way.

Neil Michael Hagerty And The Howling Hex (2016)

Enjoyable but formulaic and repetitive garage rock on latest album from Chicago-based vocalist and guitarist Neil Michael Hagerty and his backing band the Howling Hex

No Age (2018)

Snares Like a Haircut
Fantastic psychedelic sonic punk rock on fourth album from acclaimed Los Angeles duo no Age

No Age (2020)

Goons Be Gone
Young, loud and snotty punk harmonics on fourth album from genius Los Angeles noise rock duo No Age

Om (2009)

God is Good
Gloomy, but meditative and compelling stoner rock on fourth album from stoner rock duo, OM

Oogbogo (2020)

Brilliantly deranged psycho twang on vinyl only release from Los Angeles-based act Oog Bogo

P.G. Six (2007)

Slightly Sorry
Capable folk and Californian-pop inspired latest album from PG Six, the project of singer-songwriter Patrick Gubler, which will appeal to fans of such artist as Bill Callahan and Cat Power

Peacers (2015)

Melodic debut album from San Francisco-based garage punk pop rockers Peacers, which hints at much greater music ahead and flirts both with Pavement's and the Beatles' legacy

Purling Hiss (2013)

Water on Mars
First-rate combination of blues punk, glam and garage rock on latest album from Philadelphia-based band, Purling Hiss

RTX (2008)

JJ Got Live RatX
Explosive late 70's/erly 80's guitar rock on fourth album from RTX, the band that Jennifer Herrema formed out of the ashes of Royal Trux

Sic Alps (2011)

Napa Asylum
Fractured lo-fi pop on fantastic fourth album from San Francisco duo-turned-three piece, Sic Alps

Silver Jews (2012)

Early Times 1990-1
Endearing and revelatory collection of early lo-fi recordings from continuously underrated New York band, the Silver Jews

Singer (2008)

Occasionally compelling, but often messy and scrambled-sounding debut album from American art rockers Singer, which features former members of U.S. Maple, Bird Show and Lichens

Sir Richard Bishop (2007)

Polytheistic Fragments
Thoughtful, melodic instrumental rock on fifth album in two years from Sir Richard Bishop, one-time member of the ethnic avant-garde outfit Sun City Girls.

Six Organs Of Admittance (2011)

Asleep in the Floodplan
Relaxed and accomplished folk-rock on latest album from American experimental group, Six Organs of Admittance

Six Organs Of Admittance (2007)

Shelter from the Ash
Accessible latest album from tbe blues/drone-influenced Six Organs of Admittance, the solo project of Comets on Fire guitarist Ben Chasny, which seems potentially set to lead him to a bigger audience

Smog (2001)

Rain On Lens
Yes, you read right — Bill Callahan and his unmerry men are no longer Smog, but (Smog) — what next, Smiley King Smoggy? Fortunately, having thrown this nomenclative curve ball at his loyal listener

Sophia Knapp (2012)

Into the Waves
Pleasant 1980's soft rock-influenced debut album from New York-based singer-songwriter, Sophia Knapp

Ty Segall (2012)

First-rate combination of garage punk and doo-wop on sixth solo album from American power-pop genius, Ty Segall

Ty Segall (2016)

Emotional Mugger
Obsessive yet disappointing garage rock on eighth album from much acclaimed Californian singer-songwriter, Ty Segall

Ty Segall (2013)

Disorientating and mystifying but absolutely compelling blues album from San Francisco-based garage rocker Ty Segall, written in reaction to the death of his father

Ty Segall (2013)

Would You Be My Love?
Catchy latest single taken from his excellent album 'Twins' from Californian singer-songwriter, Ty Segall

Ty Segall (2021)

Impressive and exciting mash-up of garage rock and electronica from prolific cult musician Ty Segall.

Ty Segall (2024)

Three Bells
Tedious garage rock on latest double LP from over-prolific San Francisco-based musician Ty Segall

Ty Segall and White Fence (2018)

Experimental second album from Californian musician Ty Segall and White Fence, which combines Segall's power pop with White Fence's jangling fuzz punk.

US Maple (2001)

Acre Thrills
On 'Acre Thrills', US Maple prove to be the true purveyors of Captain Beefheart's Magic Band . They have an unrivalled intensity in guitar playing and pitched up, excited vocals to match my daring com

Wand (2015)

1000 Days
Delightful third album in just thirteen months from 60's-influenced Los Angeles-based band, Wand

Weird War (2004)

If You Can't Beat 'em, Bite 'em
Second album from the much acclaimed Weird War, which finds them "blending a fascination for funky 70's sleaze with twisted noises from tomorrow"

Weird War (2005)

Illuminated By The Light
Third album from Weird War, the latest project of Ian Svenonius and Michelle Mae of the Make Up and Neil Michael Hagerty of the Royal Trux, which finds them running "with less energy but perfecting the touches"



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