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Sophia Knapp - Into the Waves

  by Andrew Carver

published: 26 / 2 / 2012

Sophia Knapp - Into the Waves
Label: Drag City
Format: CD


Pleasant 1980's soft rock-influenced debut album from New York-based singer-songwriter, Sophia Knapp

Once scorned by the indie set, it seems the world of AOR has regained at least a modicum of respect. Witness the work of Drag City recording artist Sophia Knapp, whose debut album ‘Into the Waves’ would have slipped comfortably between Pat Benatar and Bonnie Tyler on any 1980's easy rocking radio station without anyone batting an eye. Knapp’s attractive voice is buttressed by twinkling synth and piano and relaxed bass work gilds some decent songwriting, with many catchy melodies, and the title track will have a few people thinking of the Alan Parsons Project’s ‘Don’t Answer Me’. Stentorian folk-rock master Bill Callahan (of Smog fame) shows up to lower the proceedings a few octaves on the duet ‘Spiderweb’. Other tracks start in Stevie Nicks territory, with folky strumming leading the listener into thinking the offering will be more a la Joanna Newsom, but those hoping for some more up-to-date beats only have to hold on for a minute. ‘Into the Waves’ is an enjoyable listen which does an able job of both recreating a not-quite lost era of singer-songwriting, but it may make some recall why those vintage synth sounds have been largely left behind.

Track Listing:-
1 Glasses High
2 The Right Place
3 Into The Waves
4 Spiderweb
5 Looking Into Another Day
6 Close To Me
7 Evermore
8 Nothing To Lose
9 Weeping Willow
10 In Paper

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