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Peacers - Peacers

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 25 / 8 / 2015

Peacers - Peacers
Label: Drag City
Format: CD


Melodic debut album from San Francisco-based garage punk pop rockers Peacers, which hints at much greater music ahead and flirts both with Pavement's and the Beatles' legacy

Produced by Ty Segall, San Francisco's Peacers' self-titled debut album arrives like a storming surprise in disguise. A full length album, it will gently remind much older readers of 'Rubber Soul'-era Beatles and in finely tuned appeasement also of more recent rowdy nouveau pranksters such as Pavement. Peacers are fronted by Mike Donovan, infamous for being a member of Sic Alps, who turned eventually towards a blindingly lovely archetype of trashy power pop. This new album stays put under that radar. It is very exciting, yet at the same time not always. On 'Blume' it's all sad words, set to a strumming beat. White Trash Rhythm 'n Blues is perhaps the description to best coin Peacers. Phlegmatic and not genuinely funky, Peacers though hit the right spot on 'Institution Shave' with their healthy criticism of today's freak-o-nomics. Jubilant as if school's out for summer, Peacers master a winning streak of Lennon-esque outcries in snappy, tailor-cut signature songs. Each of the fifteen songs neatly tells a little story.

Track Listing:-
1 At the Milkshake Hop
2 R. J. D. (Salam)
3 Laze It
4 Institution Shave
5 Piccolo and Ant
6 Mary Jane / Glorious Sunrise
7 The Kid
8 Heiress Chilton
9 Kick on the Plane
10 Scandi Mindy
11 Clay Center, KS
12 Leicester Bride
13 Drama Ensues
14 Blume
15 Super Francisco

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