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Party Day - Sorted

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 8 / 12 / 2021

Party Day - Sorted
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In our 'Re:View' column, in which we look back at records from the past. Dave Goodwin reflects on a new double CD compilation from early 80's Barnsley post-punk band Party Day

Born in the golden year of ’66, I grew up musically in the early 1980s and took on many guises, with the fads of that time coming thick and fast. One genre of music, however, was a persistent love of mine. Bands such as Joy Division/New Order, Killing Joke, A Certain Ratio and Section 25. Anything synth-like and anything new wave/indie. That brought me into brief contact with Barnsley post-punk band Party Day. They fleetingly made the charts with their debut single 'Row the Boat Ashore', but it was the follow up ‘The Spider’ and their debut album ‘Glasshouse’ that piqued my interest. If only I had collected more trollies at Tesco in my weekend job, as I might have been able to afford what is now quite a rarity on the second hand market. I totally missed their second album ‘Simplicity’ as I got older and completely forgot them. Imagine my curious delight when this new offering appeared on the review list here at PennyBlack. What a delight it has turned out to be. Packaged as a double CD and housing a lavishly informative and picturesque 20-page inner booklet, Party Day’s debut album has been remastered and released on CD for the first time, along with ‘Simplicity’ and a selection of singles and EP tracks. But that’s not all if you are into your vinyl the debut will be re-released on purple vinyl and the follow up on gold (in a gatefold sleeve with printed inners and download code to boot) – if you can stick it out until the New Year. ‘The Spider’ appears towards the end of the first CD, which also contains wonderful offerings including the infectious ‘Rabbit Pie’ and equally addictive ‘Firehorse’. It also includes the original ’82 demo version of ‘Glasshouse’, which is just sublime. The eerie-sounding ‘Boredom’ ends what for me has to be one of the best albums of the eighties. The second album is somewhat of a natural progression, sometimes a tad more raw and raucous. ‘Simplicity’ also houses the celebration of everything Party Day: ‘Stay in my Heart’. The inner sleeve is adorned with original photography by Steve Drury, taken between ’81 and ’84. The art direction by the band themselves and Mick Baker make this an absolute treasure.

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Party Day - Sorted

Party Day - Sorted

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