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Jonjo McNeill - Reviews

Manchester Orchestra

I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child
Technically impressive and emotionally mature first album from incredibly exciting and also young Georgia-based band the Manchester Orchestra who have a dark edged sugar coating

People of Santiago

Disappointing debut single from Newcastle group People of Santiago which despite their way with a killer tune comes across as over important

Dashboard Confessional

The Shade of Poison Trees
Stripped down, but powerful fourth album from Dashboard Confessional, which finds frontman Chris Carebba rejecting the overly polished sound of the recent past, and going back to his acoustic roots making a return to form

Odd Shaped Head

Egomatic Annie
Stunning, eclectic art rock on second single from quirky Newcastle quartet Odd Shaped Head


Head for Glory
Formulaic and totally unimaginative FM rock-pop on debut album from Norwegian-based group, Messenger

Whiting Tennis

Three Leaf Clover
Simplisticly beautiful , acoustic led first solo album from lo-fi Seattle-born singer/songwriter Whiting Tennis


Catch of the Day 2
Fabulous second compilation of lo-fi electro-pop from small Manchester-based indie label, Kipper Records

Dakota Suite

Waiting For The Dawn To Crawl Through And Take Away Your Life
Downbeat and understated, but totally compelling and eventually life-affirming new album from Dakota Suite, the band of Leeds based probation officer Chris Hooton

Screaming Mimi

Dorothy Millette
Perfect, hook-laden and absolutely infectious proper debut single from 60's influenced Sheffield five piece, Screaming Mimi


Unique and tender-sounding electro-tinged acoustic post-pop on reissued third album from British duo Epic45


Unleash the Sands of All Time
Promising single from Midlands-based discocore upstarts Lost Alone


A.E.I.O.U. (Lost for Words)
Outstanding first recording in seven years on new EP from Slipstream, the project of ex-Spiritualized members Mark Refoy and Johnny Mattock


Forever. The Singles.
Excellent and timely compilation of ever-evolving classic singles band the Charlatans, whose 15 year career has now spanned over 9 studio albums and 26 singles

Mundane Music / Sanjuro 77

Catch Of The Day 1
Excellent split single with fantastic hand made packaging on debut release from promising new limited edition label, Kipper Records

Chapter Xiii

Dream Salvation
Unimaginative heavy metal on first album from new British band, Chapter XIII

Michael Knight

Youth Is Wasted On The Young
Strong debut album from new Dublin collective Michael Knight which, despite being released in winter, proves to be "the most perfect summer indie-pop album in ten years"


Fantastic debut single, which brings back memories of New Order and the Smiths, from new Sheffield act Gledhill

Hurt Process

A Heartbeat Behind
Formulaic, but promising metal pop from Welsh five piece The Hurt Process back with a second album


Welcome To The World Of Orange
Aggressively enjoyable debut album from rebellious Hollywood-based teenagers and pop punks Orange


Stomping blues-influenced garage rock on debut album from Edinburgh-based lunatics The 55’s

Red Star Line

Red Star Line
Likeable, but marred first album from new East London band Red Star Line, who include Led Zeppelin, Black Crowes and Rage Against The Machine among their influences


Black Tape
Brash fast-paced punk from new Boston outfit the Explosion, which, while falling short of being absolutely essential,often proves to be compelling

First Second

First Second
Appalling "acoustic metal" fron new Montreal act First Second, which has in its line-up Jessejames Locorriere, the son of Dr. Hook’s lead singer Dennis Locorriere


Superb third album from "Detroit’s very own Small Faces" the Sights, who while doing nothing that would have sounded new even in 1971, give retro a class of its own


Some Cities
Slow burning, classic third album from much acclaimed Mancurian act Doves which finds them moving away from the melancholy of their previous offerings and looking more hopefully towards the future


Punchy glam rock-tinged new single from highly touted Detroit act the Sights, back as a slimmed down three piece


Pop Songs
Engaging new mini-album from Magoo, split across two CDs, one feauring psychedelic tracks, the other acoustic Americana

Four Marys

Sweet And Sour EP
Promising Elastica-style prog-punk pop on four song debut EP from Newcastle all girl three piece, the Four Marys

Cricket In Times Square

Cricket In Times Square
Absolutely "peerless" shoegazing rock from new Seattle band, A Cricket in Times Square, which despite owing passing nods to the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Spacemen 3 and Joy Division, proves itself also to be in a unique class of its own


Energetic debut album from Hellacopters guitarist Nick Royale's new offshoot band, which finds him abandoning the cock rock of his regular group, for a gruff 60's soul sound

Dashboard Confessional

Mark A Mission A Brand A Scar
"Stunning and affecting" third album, which finds Dashboard Confessional ", marking a move away from the simple acoustic emo of previous records...and towards a fuller, more upbeat sound"


Endearing second album from New York duo, Flare, reminiscent partly of Belle & Sebastian, but which carries it own originality and beauty


Slightly over melancholic, but otherwise thoroughly enjoyable acoustic-led ballad rock from Lowlights, the moniker for Californian solo artist Dameon Lee

Baby Woodrose

Money For Soul
Pleasant enough, but thoroughly predictable 60's influenced rock from Danish trio, Baby Woodrose


Sounds Of Change
Strong, but ultimately confusing emo with optimism from Californian group, Stairwell


These Are The Songs We Always Wanted to Hear
Essential indiepop "summer listening" on latest compilation from the German label, Firestation Tower Records

Meligrove Band

Let It Grow
"Breezy retro guitar pop", reminiscent of the Beach Boys, and also Northern Soul, Mercury Rev and Ben Folds, on second offering from Canadian three piece

River City Rebels

No Good No Time No Pride
Anthemic punk rock on accomplished third album from American rebels with a cause, the River City Rebels

Stella Luna

"Superb " shoe gazing debut by new Florida five piece, Stella Luna


You Say
Uninspiring debut single from "the latest in a long, long line of Strokes wannabes", London-based four piece the Fades


Five Stories Falling
New largely live offering from New Jersey emo six piece, Thursday, who are developing a strong critical following

Dashboard Confessional

So Impossible
Remarkable solo debut release by Chris Ender Carrabba, the frontman with emo group Further Seems Forever, that chronicles both "every break up you've had, and every break up you ever will have".


Beany Bean
"Eclectic mix of ska, pop and wry Yorkshire wit" from critics' favourite, Ooberman

Radio 4

Riveting " funk-punk masterpiece" from much under-rated New York-based band, Radio 4


Planet Helpless
Third album from Manchester's perennial 'nearly men'.

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