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55's - Cobra

  by Jonjo McNeill

published: 24 / 7 / 2005

55's - Cobra
Label: Sl Recordings
Format: CD


Stomping blues-influenced garage rock on debut album from Edinburgh-based lunatics The 55’s

Edinburgh-based lunatics The 55’s say they couldn’t care less about their music. They’re interested in sin. And this record is practically dripping in sin. With names like Mother, Elvis Valentine, Stumbling Greg Rocket and Rambling Al Rocket one could worry about this band being a bunch of pretentious chancers; one would be wrong. ‘Cobra’ is dirty. It’s dirty blues fused with dirty rock fused with dirty words. ‘No Stop’ is like Kings of Leon but from the Projects instead of the Deep South. ‘Can’t Sleep’ is excellent, sounding like a bizarre cross between the Jesus and Mary Chain and Belle and Sebastian. ‘Aim At Me’ is the closest they’ll come to a radio hit. Halfway through the record takes a change of direction with ‘Height of Nashville’ a country and western number, and ‘Folk Song’ a folk song. Obviously. The 55’s are the closest Britain has to Kings of Leon. Whether you’re a fan of that particular combo or not, there’s a lot to offer here. A unique, varied collection of stomping rock numbers and lovelorn laments, there’s many layers to this record. At first a simple rock record, each new listen reveals more. A band with very little commercial appeal but with an abundance of sex appeal. They say they don’t care about their music. God only knows what they’d produce if they did.

Track Listing:-
1 No Stop
2 Can't Sleep
3 Spanish Song
4 Humdinger
5 No Pressure
6 Aim At Me
7 Damnation
8 Whatever's Left Between You, Me and the Hills, Can Be Paid Fot In Fists Feet and Blood
9 Me Oh My
10 Height OI Nashville
11 Folk Song
12 For Their Hides and Tallow
13 Fuck Me Hard
14 Vegas Death Trip
15 Craighouse Hill
16 Command and Conker

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