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First Second - First Second

  by Jonjo McNeill

published: 17 / 5 / 2005

First Second - First Second
Label: First Second
Format: CD


Appalling "acoustic metal" fron new Montreal act First Second, which has in its line-up Jessejames Locorriere, the son of Dr. Hook’s lead singer Dennis Locorriere

Acoustic Metal? Who would come up with an idea like that? Guitarist Stacy Burns did. So he got Jessejames Locorriere, the son of Dr. Hook’s lead singer Dennis Locorriere, to write some lyrics and sing, and they’ve called themselves The First Second and released an entire album of metal with no distortion pedals in sight. And it’s very…interesting. Actually, it’s not interesting. It’s a dreadful record. The vocals are awful, the arrangements are dreary and predictable (and sometimes out of tune) and the lyrics are hilarious. For example "Hey Kid / Look what they did / they kept you under a lid" from ‘Another Mission’. All the songs are like this. I’m not taking the piss. Have a lis(ten). This sounds like some kids playing together for the first time and getting so excited about their first ever song that they record it and play it to their friends in the school yard. However these guys are in their 30's, have made an entire album’s worth and have released it internationally. The first song on this record is called ‘Ego’, and I think that The First Second is basically a result of somebody having a rather inflated one. Normally I’d say avoid this like the plague, but after hearing this I’m going to invent a new expression: Avoid the plague like this.

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