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Sights - Sights

  by Jonjo McNeill

published: 9 / 2 / 2005

Sights - Sights
Label: Sweet Nothing
Format: CD


Superb third album from "Detroit’s very own Small Faces" the Sights, who while doing nothing that would have sounded new even in 1971, give retro a class of its own

The Sights – Detroit’s very own Small Faces – is really only one man. Following 2003’s ‘Got What We Want’ album, singer / guitarist Eddie Baranek "done a Spaceman" and sacked the rest of the band. Now he returns with organist Bobby Emmett and drummer Mike Trombley for his third – and best – album. Single of the year ‘Circus’ kicks things off – a stupidly dumb and incredibly catchy organ riff mixed with megaphone vocals and a classic R and B drum beat. It’s all very 1969, and it’s all very good. The rest of the LP matches, and often exceeds, this standard. ‘Will I Be True’ out-summers Dodgy, whilst still sounding harder than a rock sandwich. Baranek is a great guitarist, his solos as ridiculous as they are sublime; his riffage as tight as it is loose. It’s the contradictory nature of the Sights that appeals the most. They aren’t doing anything new (it wouldn’t have even sounded new in 1971, never mind now) yet they still sound completely fresh. ‘Scratch My Name In Sin’ has echoes of ‘Fuzzy Logic’-era Super Furry Animals, but only slight echoes, more an echo of an echo really. ‘Back Seat’ fell out of Brian Wilson’s pocket on his way down Baranek’s street, and last I heard the Rolling Stones had asked for ‘Can’t Stand You’ back for their next dead horse-flogging session. Sorry, tour. When the Sights are good, they’re very good. And they’re always good. But they’ve never been better than on ‘Suited Fine’, where Baranek proves his worth as a vocalist with a softer style. There’s a random 15-second jazz organ solo, but please don’t be put off by that. This is a cracking record. ‘Good Way To Die’ finishes things off nicely; an awesomely self-indulgent intro from Emmett is gulped down by a MASSIVE vocal from the boy Baranek. Should this song be released as a single, the Sights would be all over every radio station in the world, such is it’s commercial appeal. That’s not to say it’s predictable and corporate. It’s just fucking great pop music. If you’ve never heard the Sights, hear them now. Because to hear them is to love them. Those looking for innovation in their music may want to look elsewhere, but you’ll be missing out. Whilst they lack the vision of, say, Bloc Party, they make up for it with huge servings of heart, soul, conviction and bloody big bollocks. It’s saying something when the only criticism of a record is it’s terrible sleeve. And if you’re still not convinced, leave the album playing after the last song ends. All I’m saying is Rod Stewart, cover version, and brilliant. Guitar!

Track Listing:-
1 I’m Going To Live The Life I Sing About In My Song
2 Circus
3 Will I Be True?
4 Scratch My Name In Sin
5 Backseat
6 Last Chance
7 Waiting On A Friend
8 Baby’s Knocking Me Down
9 Just Got Robbed
10 Frozen Nose
11 Suited Fine
12 Good Way To Die

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