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Sweet Nothing

Reviews (2004)

Woo Hoo
Catchy new single from Japanese trio the 5, 6,7,8's, which seems destined to rule the airwaves all summer

Bird Blobs (2005)

Bird Blobs
Freaky dark blues in the same neighbourhood as The Boys Next Door and the Birthday Party from new Australian act, Birds Blobs

Drunk Horse (2003)

Adult Situations
Unconventional 1970's-influenced guitar rock, which, by its strong emphasis on comedy, proves to be very different

Hellacopters (2004)

Cream Of The Crap! Collected Non-Album Works • Volume 2
Second collection of rarities from ever prolific and adrenaline-fuelled Swedish rockers, the Hellacopters

Hellacopters (2004)

Strikes Like Lightning
New six song EP from the much acclaimed the Hellacopters, which proves itself to be typical of the well-produced Motor City-style guitar rock for which the Swedish rockers have become famous

Lion Fever (2005)

Haunted Water
Spooky garage-blues on debut album from Lion Fever, which will appeal to fans of bands like Black Cat Music, Come and the Gun Club

Magnetic Morning (2009)

Fine debut album from Magnetic Morning, the new project of Adam Franklin, the singer and guitarist with Swervedriver, and Sam Fogarino, Interpol's drummer

Sights (2003)

Be Like Normal
Sbappy dose of "fizzy garage Pop' from the very fashionable the Sights, which "sees the Small Faces getting the beers in for the MC5"

Sights (2005)

Punchy glam rock-tinged new single from highly touted Detroit act the Sights, back as a slimmed down three piece

Sights (2005)

Superb third album from "Detroit’s very own Small Faces" the Sights, who while doing nothing that would have sounded new even in 1971, give retro a class of its own

Solution (2004)

Energetic debut album from Hellacopters guitarist Nick Royale's new offshoot band, which finds him abandoning the cock rock of his regular group, for a gruff 60's soul sound

Wives (2005)

Erect The Youth Problem
Enjoyable and exhilarating debut album from hardcore punks and art rockers Wives, who tend to specialise in one minute songs

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