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Drunk Horse - Adult Situations

  by Andrew Carver

published: 3 / 8 / 2003

Drunk Horse - Adult Situations
Label: Sweet Nothing
Format: CD


Unconventional 1970's-influenced guitar rock, which, by its strong emphasis on comedy, proves to be very different

An interesting take on the 1970s rock revival currently flaunting its mullet. The cover of 'Adult Situations', which would appear to be an appropriately censored still from low-grade motel porn threeway (was that low-grade redundant ? Probably ...); is revealed on the inside to actually be three people fooling around with their house cat. Similarly, songs with titles like 'Wildlife' and 'The Bitch Is Bach' may have the guitar swagger of groups like Rye Coalition and Bad Wizard, but they’re actually a thinly veiled reference to gay cruising and a tribute to composer Johann Sebastien Bach. Sometimes this lyrical switcheroo really works. Instead of the usual fixation with women, cars and getting loaded, 'Legion' puts the boots to conformity. 'National Lust' turns a critical eye on the omnipresence of sex in society, and the Latin-flavoured  'Company Man'” is about the CIA and drug trafficking. Other times, such as the Bach tribute, it seems like the band is trying a little hard to be clever. (Producer Tim Green’s outfit, tThe Fucking Champs, is sometimes accused of the same thing). The music itself is a faithful take on 70s rock. Primary songwriter Eli Eckert’s slightly ragged voice is something of an acquired taste, but not too much. You can’t fault the guitar playing of John Niles, or the rhythm section of bassist Cyrus Comiskey and drummer Cripe (Cripe?!?) Jergensen, though the production could have been a bit meatier for my taste. Final analysis: The music rocks, and the lyrics are a step outside of convention. That may turn some people off, but I’m betting that when the 1970's rock thing takes its final Trans Am ride that Drunk Horse will be one of the few bands people remember.  Because of them.

Track Listing:-
1 National Lust
2 Lube Job
3 Legions
4 Fried Chicken Cadillac
5 The Bitch Is Bach
6 Company Man
7 Wildlife
8 Ascension Strut
9 One Dollar Records

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