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Jonjo McNeill - Interviews

Anais Mitchell

Anais Mitchell - Interview

At a gig in Newcastle on their recent European tour, Jonjo McNeill speaks to singer Yuke Chikudate and guitarist James Hanna from New York shoegazers Asobi Seksu about touring, songwriting and their just released third alabum, 'Hush'

Odd Shaped Head

Odd Shaped Head - Interview

Odd Shaped Head, who come from Newcastle, have been attracting a cult audience across Britain with their angular guitar rock sound and quirky lyrics. Frontman Paul Bentley chats to Jonjo McNeill about their forthcoming debut album, 'I Wonder How This Endeavour Will End’

Dashboard Confessional

Dashboard Confessional - Interview

Starting as a solo project for Chris Carabba and soon expanding into a full-band, Dashboard Confessional have just released their fourth album, 'The Shade of Poison Trees'. Jonjo McNeill speaks to Chris Carabba about his decision to return to his acoustic roots with it.

Shy Child

Shy Child - Interview

After an exuberant show in Newcastle, Jonjo McNeill chats to drummer Nate Smith from rising New York synth duo Shy Child about touring and their new album, 'Noise Won't Stop'


Charlatans - Interview

Since forming in the late 80's the Charlatans have released nine studio albums. With a singles compilation 'Forever' being released at the end of the last year, Jonjo McNeill chats to front man Tim Burgess backstage at a gig in Newcastle to promote the new collection


Hellacopters - Interview

Massive in their native Sweden, and increasingly successful elsewhere too, the Hellacopters have just released their seventh album 'By the Grace of God'. Jonjo McNeill chats to them about it, and living the rock 'n' roll dream


Sights - Interview

Detroit born and raised, the Sights' exciting brand of punk rock pop has had both critics and music fans in awe. Jonjo McNeill caught up with them on the last night of their first British tour to speak about their second album 'Got What We Want'

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