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Orange - Welcome To The World Of Orange

  by Jonjo McNeill

published: 12 / 8 / 2005

Orange - Welcome To The World Of Orange
Label: Hellcat
Format: CD


Aggressively enjoyable debut album from rebellious Hollywood-based teenagers and pop punks Orange

Hollywood-based teenagers Orange have been kicking about for a year or so, and here’s their debut full-length album, 'Welcome to the World of Orange.' Standing out from the US punk crowd due to their Brit-voiced singer Joe Denman, Orange sing songs of anger, confusion and rebellion with a Hollywood undertone. Reminiscent of The Buzzcocks on the majority of this record, there’s also more than a passing nod to Rancid and Sum 41. It’s an incredibly confident record, made all the more impressive given the age of the band. ‘Cool Mexicans’ is a rock anthem devoted to those with a more impressive social standing, ‘Ghetto Blast’ sounds like the Pistols after a few music lessons, and ‘Forgive and Forget’ is a hateful blast of no-messin’ attitude ("lost I don’t wanna see you again / You were never my friend / Fuck off and die you motherfucking piece of shit" – nice). ‘Attitude’ has a Britpop feel to it, and Denman shows off his Jonathon Woss speech impediment, which is quite endearing and oh so very British. They even have a theme song – ‘Orange’ – which, quite reasonably asks "How come nothin’ rhymes with Orange?" 'Welcome to the World of Orange’ is a strong debut and a good album. Orange have set their stall out and made a good case for themselves. It is brimful of attitude yet remains accessible to those whose tastes maybe don’t stretch to American punk-pop. There’s enough bile and humour to satisfy punk fans, and enough melody and tune to please the pop pickers. And as I listened to ‘Welcome to the World of…’ I thought to myself, what a wonderful world.

Track Listing:-
1 Hollywood
2 Forgive and Forget The Past
3 Cool Mexicans
4 No Rest For The Weekend
5 Affirmation Song
6 Ghetto-Blasta
7 Attitude
8 Rollercoaster
9 Why Won't She Go Out With Me
10 Never Too Late
11 Orange
12 Metal Mo Fo (Live)
13 Affirmation Song (Acoustic)

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