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Whiting Tennis - Three Leaf Clover

  by Jonjo McNeill

published: 11 / 8 / 2007

Whiting Tennis - Three Leaf Clover
Label: Tarnished Records
Format: CD


Simplisticly beautiful , acoustic led first solo album from lo-fi Seattle-born singer/songwriter Whiting Tennis

Whiting Tennis is a Seattle-born singer/songwriter, and 'Three Leaf Clover' is his first solo work since leaving previous band the Scholars. It is a fragile, acoustic led record which starts off with the lo-fi echoes of ‘Teenage Daughter’, in which Tennis sounds like a countrified Billy Corgan, every note dripping from his lip, spilling emotion over his sparsely strummed guitar. ‘William Harry Holmes’ has echoes of Nick Cave in its chamber-sounding drums and slide guitar, and it’s one of those songs you feel like you’ve known all your life. The acoustic styling is kept throughout, Tennis’ music being tenderly written and softly sung, but there’s not a point throughout where you’d want it to change. There are moments where the downtempo, soft acoustic sound gives way to ever-so-slightly more unusual sounds, and this helps to give 'Three Leaf Clover' a more eclectic feel. The staple of brushed drums, acoustic and slide guitar is complimented at various points with what could be the sound of the world outside, or simply a door closing or an instrument being laid down. It makes this record more intimate whilst also filling out the sound, a juxtoposition which serves Tennis well. Whiting Tennis has given us a gem with 'Three Leaf Clover'. In stark contrast to the plethora of below-average homegrown singer songwriters we’ve been cursed with in Britain, Tennis has made a record so simple yet so soaked in his own personality. Cast your nets over the Atlantic and check this album out - try not to bask in it’s simplistic beauty.

Track Listing:-
1 Teenage Daughter
2 This Town
3 William Harry Holmes
4 Summer
5 Three Leaf Clover
6 Japanese Lanterns
7 One True Love
8 Clouds Of Mercy
9 The Golden Spike
10 Louisiana Donut Counter Man
11 The Kustard King
12 Wisconsin Blue

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