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Glitterhouse Records


16 Horsepower (2003)

Outstanding rarities collection from long-serving Denver-based alt. rock trio, Sixteen Horsepower, whose unique fusion of punk, country and blues, is constantly passionate

AI Phoenix (2007)

The Light Shines Almost All the Way
Ethereal and exquisite-sounding lo-fi pop on new album from Norwegian band AI Phoenix

Ben Weaver (2007)

Paper Sky
Gloomy-sounding, but fine new album from Poprtland, Oregon-based singer-songwriter Ben Weaver whose music is in a similar vein to Bill Callahan, Richard Buckner and Will Oldham

Big Bang (2006)

Poetic Terrorism
Both timeless and borderless fifth album from engaging Scandinavian rockers Big Bang, who are a bestselling group in their native Norway

Black Lipstick (2005)

Sincerely Black Lipstick
Uncompromising, kicking-against-the-system glam/punk rock on second album from Austin, Texas four piece Black Lipstick

Boy Omega (2008)

Hope on the Horizon
Melodic, memorable Americana on second album from Boy Omega, the project of Swedish musician, Martin Henrik Gustaffson, which draws favourable comparisons with Elliott Smith and Bright Eyes

Buddy The Huddle (2004)

Monument For John Kaltenbrunner
"Strangely captivating" book-inspired Americana from the poorly-titled Buddy the Huddle

Cary Hudson (2004)

Cool Breeze
Compelling debut album from new Glitterhouse label signing, Cary Hudson, the lack of sophistication which proves to be its greatest asset and flaw

Chantal Acda (2015)

The Sparkle in Our Flaws
Excellent second solo album from former Sleepingdog front woman and now solo artist, Chantal Acda

Chris and Carla (2007)

Fly High Brave Dreamers
Evocative, hopeful new album from Walkabouts singers Chris Eckman and Carla Torgerson's side project, its first in eight years

Chris Eckman (2004)

The Black Field
Masterful second solo album from Walkabouts frontman Chris Eckman, which finds him returning to his roots and the folk settings of his earlier records

Chris Eckman (2009)

The Last Side of the Mountain
Enthralling latest solo album from Walkabouts front man Chris Eckman, who has set to music sveral of the poems of obscure Slovenian poet, Dane Zajc

Creekdippers (2004)

Mystic Theatre
Traditional country collection from the Creekdippers, the band of real-life couple Mark Olson and Victoria Williams, which, while occasionally hinting at greatness, is often overcome by "a degree of sameness"

Creekdippers (2004)

Political Manifest
First-rate political folk rock from uncompromising duo, the Creekdippers, which convincingly provides the alternative American viewpoint on Bush's War on Terror

Dakota Suite (2003)

This River Brings Only Poison
Latest offering from melancholic Leeds-based alternative rockers, Dakota Suite, whose delicate melodies prove perfect late night listening

Dakota Suite (2007)

Waiting For The Dawn To Crawl Through And Take Away Your Life
Downbeat and understated, but totally compelling and eventually life-affirming new album from Dakota Suite, the band of Leeds based probation officer Chris Hooton

David Thomas And Two Pale Boys (2004)

18 Monkeys On A Dead Man's Chest
Gloriously angular and both grotesque and beautiful "avant garage" on Rocket from the Tombs and Pere Ubu founder David Thomas' third album with Two Pale Boys

Die Nerven (2015)

German post-punk outfit Die Nerven deliver superb and quickly delivered third full-length album

Die Nerven (2018)

Relentless but haunting fourth album from Stuttgart post punk/noise rock outfit Die Nerven

Dirtmusic (2008)

Fine in moments, but somehwat lacking in spark blues/folk on debut album from Dirt Music, which includes the Walkabouts Chris Eckman, former Birthday Party and Bad Seeds guitarist Hugo Race one-time Come and Codeine member Chris Brokaw

Friends Of Dean Martinez (2003)

Under The Waves
"Moody, instrumental exotica" on fourth akbum from Tucson, Arizona's Friends of Dean Martinez, which proves to be "at once beguiling and disturbing"

Friends Of Dean Martinez (2006)

Lost Horizon
Beautiful, haunting Americana on fifth album from Friends of Dean Martinez, unfortunately weakened by sounding exactly like the group's last record 'Under the Waves'

Granfaloon Bus (2003)

Lucky Curtains
Stunning final album from the recently dissolved Granfaloon Bus that combines Americana with psychedelia-inflicted arrangements

Great Crusades (2008)

Keep Them Entertained
Angry and energetic sixth album from Chicago-based band, the Great Crusades

Great Crusades (2004)

Welcome To The Hiawatha Inn
Darkly compelling fourth album from melancholic American folk-punk-country outfit, the Great Crusades

Great Crusades (2009)

Keep Them Entertained
Hit and miss sixth album from manic Chicago-based band the Great Crusades, who when theyt stick to their rockabilly and blues roots continue to excel

Helldorado (2005)

Ballad Of Nora Lee
Confusing, but ultimately compelling from Norwegian-based and Nick Cave-influenced cod-Americana rockers, Helldorado

Helldorado (2004)

Director's Cut
Fiery and intense garage rock on new album from Norwegian act Helldorado, which proves to be "never less than an enthralling, blood red Technicolor wide-screen experience"

Hobotalk (2007)

Homesick for Nowhere
Intimate third album of home recorded lo-fi folk from Hobotalk, the project of Scotish singer-songwriter Marc Pilley

Hugo Race And The True Spirit (2003)

Goldstreet Sessions
Experimental, but oddly apathetic-sounding new record from original Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds guitarist, Hugo Race

Hyacinth House (2008)

Black Crows' Country
Mainly convincing second album from promising group Hyacinth House, which despite a poor ending, will otherwise be much enjoyed by fans of 70's-tinged blues rock

Joe Volk (2016)

Happenings and Killings
Working closely with Portishead’s Geoff Barrow and Emmy-nominated composer Ben Salisbury, Bristol’s Joe Volk delivers an album of nine dream-like soundscapes

Lampshade (2005)

Because Trees Can Fly
Dreamily atmospheric and complex mood rock on debut album from enigmatic Danish-Swedish quartet, Lampshade

Leslie Woods And Dark Mountain Orchid (2005)

The Luxury Of Sin
Disturbing but compelling second album and first European release from Appalachian Gothic singer-songwriter Leslie Woods and her band Dark Mountain Orchid

Lilium (2004)

Short Stories
Spectacular re-release for debut album by 16 Horsepower side project, Lilium, which has been given an upgrading in 5.1 DTS surround sound treatment and had three extra tracks added as a bonus

Mark Olson (2014)

Goodbye Lizelle
Eclectic and mystical solo album from Jayhawks front-man Mark Olson, which was recorded across the world

Mark Olson (2017)

Spokeswoman of the Bright Sun
Former Jayhawks member Mark Olson returns from his Joshua Tree home with an excellent batch of new songs written with his wife Ingunn Ringvold.

Mofro (2004)

Environmentally-friendly swampy soul-funk on second album from Florida duo, Mofro, which is "sure to be in the year end Top 10 of anyone who loves soul, funk, R&B or blues"

Oliver Earnest (2022)

The Water Goes the Other Way
Debut solo album from former member of post-punk band Kaufmann Frust, now recording under the name Oliver Earnest, combines a contemporary wall of sound with thoughtful lyrics

Pere Ubu (2006)

Why I Hate Women
Irrestible, nervy latest album from durable Cleveland art punks, Pere Ubu

Pere Ubu (2005)

St Arkansas
Re-release of angular Cleveland rockers Pere Ubu's twelfth album, which while not perhaps on the same level as classic albums such as 'Dub Housing' and 'The Modern Dance' isn't too far off

Ricochets (2004)

The Ghost Of Our Love
Enjoyably aggressive second album from the now reformed Ricochets, who could on the evidence of this "swiftly supplant the Hives as the world’s favourite rock and roll Scandinavians"

Rocky Votolato (2016)

Sawdust and Shavings
Latest melancholic-fuelled mini-album from ex-Waxwing vocalist Rocky Votolato, which is a low key release with a high standard of tunes

Savoy Grand (2005)

People And What They Want
Breathtaking beautiful, but unnecessarily over drawn new album from long-serving Nottingham lo-fi rockers Savoy Grand

Savoy Grand (2004)

The Lost Horizon
Masterly new EP from Nottingham group, Savoy Grand, who have created "an almost epic stateliness" out of almost nothing on this latest offering

Scott Matthew (2008)

Scott Matthew
Melancholic folk pop on remarkable debut album from Australian-born singer-songwriter Scott Matthew which grows with each new playing

Sea and Air (2015)

Eclectic but instantly accessible album from Greek/German husband and wife duo Sea and Air

Seachange (2008)

Disband in Bonn 2007
Fantastic farewell live CD recorded at their last ever concert in Bonn from under-rated Nottingham-based alternative rockers Seachange which takes in tracks from both of their studio albums and also early single and EP tracks

Spain (2016)

More of the same from Californan alternative rock group Spain on their seventh album, which proves to be always a good thing

Various (2002)

Come On Beautiful
Absolutely stunning tribute to the music of the American Club and Mark Eitzel, which features covers by acts such as Lambchop, M.Ward, Calexico and the Willard Grant Conspiracy

Various (2007)

Declaration of Fuzz
20th anniversary re-release of the now firmly established independent German label Glitterhouse's first full-length release, an energetic and raw compilation of Swedish, German and American garage bands

Vita Bergen (2016)

Musically rich and rewarding debut from Gothenburg eight-piece alternative rock outfit, Vita Bergen

Walkabouts (2003)

New 'Best of' compilation from the "graceful and elegant " Walkabouts, who remain pretty much a secret outside Central Europe

Walkabouts (2007)

Impressive and onvincing return to their rock roots by the Walkabouts on their new live album, 'Prague'

Walkabouts (2005)

Stunning new record from Seattle's acclaimed the Walkabouts, who have returned after a four year hiatus in recording with the fieriest and the angriest album in their 21 year history

White Birch (2005)

Come Up For Air
Hauntingly majestic and spectral orchestral pop on latest album from Norwegian three piece the White Birch

Woven Hand (2004)

Consider The Birds
Intense and unsettling, but ultimately highly rewarding second album from Woven Hand, the sparse solo project of David Eugene Edwards, the frontman with long-serving alt. rockers 16 Horsepower

Xixa (2019)

The Code
Striking EP of deep Americana from Tucson-based group XIXA

Xixa (2016)

Extraordinary latest album from eccentric and diverse Arizona-based project, XIXA


Interview with Lutz Mastmeyer (2004)

Miscellaneous - Interview with Lutz Mastmeyer

The largest indie label in Germany, Glitterhouse includes on its roster the Willard Grant Conspiracy, the Walkabouts,16 Horsepower and Rocket from the Tombs. Second-in-charge Lust Mastmayer chats about its history and recent 20th anniversary celebrations



Chantal Acda
Interview Chantal Acda - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to former Sleepingdog front woman and Dutch-born singer-songwriter Chantal Acda about her second solo album 'The Sparkle in Our Flaws', which is her first release on Glitterhouse Records


Glitterhouse is 20 Miscellaneous - Glitterhouse is 20

German label Glitterhouse Records has put out over 600 releases, and has just celebrated its 20th anniversary. To celebrate it has just released a triple CD box set 'Nevermind'. Anthony Dhanendran profiles it and the label's two decade history

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