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Friends Of Dean Martinez - Under The Waves

  by Jon Rogers

published: 29 / 9 / 2003

Friends Of Dean Martinez - Under The Waves
Label: Glitterhouse Records
Format: CD


"Moody, instrumental exotica" on fourth akbum from Tucson, Arizona's Friends of Dean Martinez, which proves to be "at once beguiling and disturbing"

Having had to change their name from Friends of Dean Martin under threat of some lawyers for the Rat Pack singer you could be forgiven for thinking that the band from Tucson, Arizona were some post-modern in-joke about easy listening, cocktail-sipping, lounge muzak. FODM though play moody instrumental exotica. As if they're soundtracking the spacey, warped film that is playing in the middle of some dusty, deserted landscape where the road finally runs out. 'Under the Waves' is at once beguiling and disturbing. As if Ennio Morricone has scored the music to a David Lynch road movie with the love child of an ambient era Brian Eno and Gram Parsons as editor. And as with most filmic journeys the aspect of travel is far more important that the destination. In fact, they're experts at creating picturesque flashes of images in the listeners' eye. 'Time's not your Friend' is all impending peril, danger and conflict as the wheels of the car spins round with the wind rushing past the convertible. 'Indian Summer' is much more sedate, relaxing as if the hero of this fictional film is slowly waking-up in some roadside rundown motel. Where many bands use feedback and volume to convey anger or menace, FODM are far more subtle. Instead of screaming into the listener's face they use the element of surprise. The title song starts by gliding along, all relaxed and soporific as if enjoying a gentle rowing boat trip. Slowly though it dawns that the boatman transporting you could be rowing across the river Styx and to impending doom. 'Under the Waves' is certainly stands out as being carefully crafted, serene and instantly captivating.

Track Listing:-
1 H-Hour Minus Five
2 And Love To Be The Master Of Hate
3 Time's Not Your Friend
4 Indian Summer
5 Under The Waves
6 On The Shore
7 Omaha
8 Cahuenga

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Beautiful, haunting Americana on fifth album from Friends of Dean Martinez, unfortunately weakened by sounding exactly like the group's last record 'Under the Waves'

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