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Ricochets - The Ghost Of Our Love

  by Daniel Cressey

published: 12 / 7 / 2004

Ricochets - The Ghost Of Our Love
Label: Glitterhouse Records
Format: CD


Enjoyably aggressive second album from the now reformed Ricochets, who could on the evidence of this "swiftly supplant the Hives as the world’s favourite rock and roll Scandinavians"

Formed at the end of the last century, the Ricochets recorded their first album before breaking up after a gig in Copenhagen where – in true rock star style – the various members ended up giving each other a serious kicking, live on stage. But they’ve now reformed and released 'The Ghost of Our Love', which could see them swiftly supplant the Hives as the world’s favourite rock and roll Scandinavians. The opening track– which lends its title to the album –sets the tone with an echoing guitar riff which subsides into a quiet lament for a lost love, and then gathers pace until it has become growling monster of churning riffs and screaming vocals. While their first album 'Slo-Mo Suicide' came on stronger, 'The Ghost of Our Love' is sharper and crisper and strings and brass have been left out in favour of straight up electric guitars and the occasional keyboard. The wallowing anger and occasional petulance apparent in the title of 'Slo-Mo' made it less than it could have been, but these aspects have largely disappeared with this release. While there may be bitterness here it is directed outwards in general and there is a defiant tone to Trond Andreassen’s voice on ‘Bad Shape’ when he sings he’s “hangin’ around with the usual crew, I sit and I drink with nothin’ to do.” You get to see just how they’ve changed yourself as the first album is thoughtfully included here as a bonus disk. Some of the songs here stray close to self-pity – inevitable on an album about losing love – but even ‘Pick Up the Phone’, ‘I Know You’re Gonna Leave Me’ and ‘Cheater at Heart’ maintain the album’s aggressive momentum. This isn’t ground breaking but it does its rock and roll thing well. Whereas 'Slo-Mo Suicide' is loud and fun 'The Ghost of Our Love' is loud and affecting, and getting both together is really a bit of a bargain.

Track Listing:-
1 The Ghost Of Our Love
2 Nobody Around
3 Come Around Over
4 Pick Up The Phone
5 Caught You Redhanded
6 I Know You're Gonna Leave Me
7 Cheater At Heart
8 Red Lights
9 The Depressive Side Of Town
10 Bad Shape
11 Guess It's Time
12 Coming Home

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