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Buddy The Huddle - Monument For John Kaltenbrunner

  by Jon Rogers

published: 2 / 3 / 2004

Buddy The Huddle - Monument For John Kaltenbrunner
Label: Glitterhouse Records
Format: CD


"Strangely captivating" book-inspired Americana from the poorly-titled Buddy the Huddle

It is maybe a trivial thing and the usual response is "what's in a name?" but, really, is the best this German band could come up with is Buddy and the Huddle? It gives the impression that they're some Huey Lewis and the News-style, good-time, all the time pop band playing bright 'n' breezy tunes that are all too tempting to whistle along to and contain a splattering of brass instruments every now and again. Fortunately, while the band does contain brass instruments they play nothing that sounds remotely like Huey Lewis and the News. 'Monument for John Kaltenbrunner' - the title comes from the central character in Tristan Egolf's novel 'The Lord of the Barnyard' - is all languid, fluid and easy-going, exemplied by the likes of 'Is There Anybody Out There?' and the opener 'Baker'. The band, led by Roland Kopp, paint large impressionistic canvases full of bright colour and despite their Bavarian origins manage to capture something of the essence of Americana: the wide-open prairies and simply the vastness of the continent. It´s not all so relaxed and mellifuous. A note of humour is added with 'You´re a Goatboy'. 'Strike Funny' is swamped by Gallic accordian while 'No Penalty' is a spoken word piece set to a free jazz workout. For the most part though it´s a relaxed stroll, peaceful and serene and it all simply glides along, slowly building up momentum. It´s all strangely captivating.

Track Listing:-
1 Baker
2 Blue Leather Mining Coat
3 Chillin' At Mentzers
4 Isabella
5 Covered With Hill Snails
6 Three Years In A Closet
7 Is There Anybody Out There
8 You're A Goatboy
9 Tractorboy
10 Strike Funny
11 No Penalty
12 Free At Last
13 There Is No Love

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