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Scott Matthew - Scott Matthew

  by Malcolm Carter

published: 24 / 5 / 2008

Scott Matthew - Scott Matthew
Label: Glitterhouse Records
Format: CD


Melancholic folk pop on remarkable debut album from Australian-born singer-songwriter Scott Matthew which grows with each new playing

Born in Queensland, Australia, singer-songwriter Scott Matthew currently resides in Brookland, New York. Before his move he played in a handful of bands, none of which lasted very long. On moving to Sydney before he finally settled in New York he formed a punk-rock band going under the name of Nicotine. It’s not easy trying to imagine the Scott Matthew on these eleven tracks as part of a punk-rock band. Mainly an acoustic set of songs with Scott’s vocals pitched somewhere between a high-pitched whisper and a soulful…someone. There’s a nagging familiarly to his vocals that begins to bug me when I just can’t put my finger on who it is he sounds like. It sounds like a sad collection of songs especially on tracks like ‘Laziest Lie’ where the female vocals of Rachel Friedman add some texture, even more sadness and a breathtaking beauty to the song. The accordion, banjo, ukulele and cello scattered throughout the songs add to the gentle sounds Matthew makes and his pretty melodies make repeated listening a must. Matthew has composed songs for films and it is no surprise as the atmospheric sounds on this album are crying out to be used in soundtracks. Indeed four of the songs on this debut album are new versions of songs that have already been featured in the John Cameron Mitchell film ‘Shortbus’. This is a beautiful collection of songs. Quiet desperation drips from each and every line and the stripped back bare sound of some of the songs just reinforces the beauty in both Matthew’s melodies and vocals. ‘Surgery’, one of the songs from the film ‘Shortbus’ which is just Matthews' vocals with a lone piano backing, is particularly effecting. As Matthew’s voice cracks we are just waiting for him to break down. It’s a wonder how he can sound so strong at the end of the song when the initial verse finds him at his most desolate. For a prime example of the talent of Matthew try to listen to the closing song, ‘Market Me To Children’ with cello weeping all over the song it’s probably one of the saddest sounding songs you’ll hear all year and if it doesn’t affect you then check your pulse, you can’t fail to be touched by its beauty. Although his melodies are strong and his vocals appealing these eleven songs don’t show up all their beauty on the first play. Maybe if you listen to them as the film soundtrack the first time it would make a difference but the album is worth sticking with as it’s not so very long before each and every song throws up something that catches your attention and then you are hooked. Many of the songs are on the short side but somehow that only adds to their beauty. They are cut off just as their beauty sinks in which only makes you want to listen to them again and again. All in all a remarkable set of songs that grows on you with each playing.

Track Listing:-
1 Amputee
2 Abandoned
3 Prescription
4 Balladear
5 Little Bird
6 The Laziest Lie
7 Upside Down
8 Habit
9 In the End
10 Surgery
11 Market Me to Children

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