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Russell Ferguson - Reviews

Holy Coves

The Droner EP
Fiery and unique-sounding debut EP from Wlesh group, Hly Coves

Dinosaur Pile-Up

My Rock 'n' Roll
Energetic, heavily Nirvana-influenced reissue of single from last year for up-and-coming Leeds-based band, Dinosaur Pile-Up

Fucked Up

Couple Tracks: Singles 2002-2009
First rate career-spanning compilation from challenging, but forceful Toronto-based hardcore band, Fucked Up

Ivy Walls

The Elegant Universe
Routine 80's influenced indie rock from Los Angeles-based band the Ivy Walls, who can't make up their mind if they want to be commercially or critically accepted

Collapse under the Empire

Find a Place to Be Safe
Appealing instrumental album from German-based post rockers Collapse under the Emppire which surprisingly looks to George Orwell for inspiration


Open the Sky
Excellent old school goth rock on delayed second album from Rhombus, which proves worth the long wait


Laid back, gloriously understated latest single from Los Angeles-based indie group, Gliss


Our First American Friends
Uncomfortable and unnatural-sounding prog rock on first album from Kingston-upon-Thames-based group, Tubelord


Pretentious and irritating latest single from Southampton-based Gothic rockers, RazorBladeKisses

Jay Reatard

Watch Me Fall
Limited-in-vision old-style punk on latest album from Memphis-based singer and musician, Jay Reatard

Jon Byrne

It's Boring Being in Control
Passionately performed debut album from Barrow-on-Furness based acoustic singer-songwriter Jon Byrne, who was discovered in London busking on the Portobello Road by Mick Jones of the Clash

Dead Letter Office

Bland indie rock from British-based leftfield group Dead Letter Office, who have toured with Howling Bells and the Young Gods

Hundred Reasons

Quick the Word, Sharp the Action
Unfortunate re-release of emo-metal band Hundred Reasons little heard, but instangly forgettable fourth album, 'Quick the Word, Sharp the Action'

King Of Conspiracy

Youth Against the Empire
Decent debut single from Parisian trio King of Conspiracy, whose punk/alt.rock sound makes them sound like an indie version of Motorhead


Lonely Letters
Overtly safe and comfortable pop rock on bland sixth album from Swistzerland-based group, Lunik


Dismal Results
Fantastic debut single from heavily 80's-influenced London-based band, the Firm

People in Planes

Last Man Standing
Excellent new single from Cardiff-based five-piece People in Planes, which combines its blues-rock sound with a more modern and commercial style

Guns on the Roof

New Frustration
Well-performed, but limited second album from Clash-influenced Leeds punks, Guns on the Roof

Plastic Heroes

Escape the Lower End
Potentially promising, but ultimately heavily flawed debut album from 60's-influenced London-based alternative rockers, Plastic Heroes


Critical Mass
Dull and distinctly average punk from London-based five piece, the Scratch


Look Up
Adventurous vinyl only single from experimental Belfast synthesiser duo, who sound like an electronic Weezer


Not My Girl
Decent, if somewhat unremarkable indie guitar rock from new band, Ejector Seat

Story of the Year

Wake Up
Enjoyable, but insubstantial and formulaic first single from hardcore rockers Story of the Year's much hyped third album, 'The Black Swan'

Beat Six

When Chemicals Ignite (With Fuel)
Contradictory, but compelling debut single from West London-based group Beat Six who seem destined for chart success

Virgin Passages

Monotonous latest album from drone rockers Virgin Passages which is unfortunately rambling, uncordinated and directionless


Curiously impressive crossover of genres on latest single from Unkle, the moniker of James Lavelle, which sounds like a combination of Franz Ferdinand and Depeche Mode


A Life Less Ordinary
Excellent return to form after a succession of poor records by the Levellers who are back with a new double A sided single


Hold On
Formulaic and instantly forgettable latest single from Nu-metal stadium act, Korn

Land of Talk

Speak to Me Bones
Perplexing, but impressive second single from Montreal band Land of Talk's debut album, 'Applause Cheer Boo Hiss'

John Parkes

Illegal Songs
Thoughtful and challenging folk rock on second solo album from Leeds-based singer-songwriter, John Parkes who sings about love, longing, lust, religion, politics, self examination and other general angst while throwing in several touches of black humour


Slick, but throwaway electro pop on latest single from Norwegian trio, Lorraine

Madding Crowd

Modern Man
Solid debut single from London act Madding Crowd, which despite poor vocals, brings back good memories of Dr Feelgood

Frightened Rabbit

Sings the Greys
Flawed, but promising debut album from Glaswegian trio Frightened Rabbit, who merge country and western and folk with an indie sound

Asobi Seksu

Catchy and hypnotic, if monotone new single from Japanese-American New York-based shoegazing band, Asobi Seksua


Hot in That
Punchy-sounding guitar rock on vinyl only single from North London group Undercut


Hunch Your Body Love Somebody
Tuneless debut single from the Pyramids, the side project of vocalist/guitarist S. Windett and drummer Arp from the Archie Bronson Outfit

Terra Diablo

Deluge Songs
Superior nu-metal on second album from up-and-coming Scottish group Terra Diablo


Love, Love, Love
Fiery debut single from exciting new group the Sea

Butcher Boy

The Eighteenth Emergency
Understated new EP from Glasgow-based indie group, the Butcher Boy


Hallam Foe : The Original Soundtrack
Dull soundtrack album to new Jamie Bell film 'Hallam Foe', which features acts such as Orange Juice, Blueboy, Sons and Daighters, Woodbine and the Bill Wells Trio


Amazingly powerful alternative folk on second album from Texan combination group and extended family Eisley

Eugene McGuinness

The Early Learnings of Eugene McGuinness
Worthy, if somewhat dull attempt to do something different on debut album from Eugene McGuinness

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