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Gliss - Beauty

  by Russell Ferguson

published: 7 / 11 / 2009

Gliss - Beauty
Label: Cordless Records
Format: CDS


Laid back, gloriously understated latest single from Los Angeles-based indie group, Gliss

The first thing you notice about ‘Beauty’ is the keyboards. It has a great keyboards riff as an opener. You feel like you have heard it before. From a past song maybe? Or an advert that you have only half paid attention to? Either way you just can’t seem to pinpoint where, so I guess it’s just one of those great riffs that somehow tune into your subconscious. For me there are similarities on this record to the Caesars with ‘Jerk It Out’, but this single is more laid back and has more melodic soundscapes, making it less harsh than‘Jerk It Out’. The whole song is well crafted with all the musicians playing in straight lines and not tripping one another up. The vocals from singer Victoria Cecilia are so relaxed they are in danger of falling asleep. It all adds to the dragging quality of the song and I mean that in a good way. Just like ‘Clean’ by ‘Depeche Mode’, it is slow, lumbering but all the better for it, proving you don’t always need to shout, but under the right circumstances you can heard better by lowering your voice.

Track Listing:-
1 Beauty

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