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King Of Conspiracy - Youth Against the Empire

  by Russell Ferguson

published: 26 / 2 / 2009

King Of Conspiracy - Youth Against the Empire
Label: Catcutter Records
Format: CDS


Decent debut single from Parisian trio King of Conspiracy, whose punk/alt.rock sound makes them sound like an indie version of Motorhead

'Youth Against The Empire' is the debut single from Parisian group King Of Conspiracy.. Apart from a clumsy introduction in which all the instruments grind against each other in an unpleasant way, this is a good effort. From the outset it is plodding in the way the instruments are used and you hear the same chords and drum beat for much of the record. That perhaps makes it sound a very negative record, but it much more than that. It provides a rock solid base for Michael, the vocalist, to work from. It is maybe basic, but it is better to stick to something simple rather than over stretch yourself and end up falling flat on your face. As simple as it is, it also works well.It is best to describe the sound as punk with some alt. rock thrown in. Think Motorhead doing indie and you will get there pretty quickly. 'Youth Against the Empire' has a lot of energy and power. I can never fault a band that does that rather than hangs back and tries to be clever. You can hear references to bands like the Strokes, Kings Of Leon and At The Drive In, but, while these influences are heavy, King of Conspiracy don't really try to copy them. They have toured with the likes of the Futureheads, Crystal Castles and Johnny Foreigner and that provides a pretty good idea of what you are going to get with them. It won’t blow you away, but it is a decent debut.

Track Listing:-
1 Youth Against The Empire
2 Chinese Rings
3 Join The Circus

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