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Scratch - Critical Mass

  by Russell Ferguson

published: 7 / 6 / 2008

Scratch - Critical Mass
Label: Ponyland Records
Format: CDS


Dull and distinctly average punk from London-based five piece, the Scratch

"I love the Scratch, me.Not only have they got tunes, they’re got great spirit. They’ll go all the way. You watch", says the Inspiral Carpets' organist, Clint Boon. This quote appears on every web page that the Scratch have and every press offering associated with them. All the Scratch's promotions quote the above, which is a definite case of riding on the coat tails of a mediocre band's past glories. If you are going to get past bands to sing your praises then at least get a modern legend or one of the greats. You can’t fault Suede for having Morrissey on their side even if they were lightweight pretenders. The Scratch’s ‘Critical Mass’ isn’t that great. At best it is distinctly average. It fails to deliver anything different. The vocals have a group of guys joining in the chorus because it seems they can rather than because it sounds good. The whole record has a very punk DIY sound and, while there isn’t anything wrong with that, it’s just outdated if you are trying to assault the charts. The end of 'Critical Mass' tails off reminding you of The Damned ‘Smash It Up’ , which sums everything about this song. It’s all been done before and done better too.

Track Listing:-
1 Critical Mass
2 Dear Maniac

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