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Korn - Hold On

  by Russell Ferguson

published: 17 / 2 / 2008

Korn - Hold On
Label: Virgin
Format: CDS


Formulaic and instantly forgettable latest single from Nu-metal stadium act, Korn

Korn are one of those bands that that you have heard about for years. They have a strong fan base, sell shed loads of records, but, tell me, where do you hear their records? Noone seems to play their records with any great regularity, yet speak to any Nu-metal kid and Korn is one of their top ten bands. So now how come have these guys got so big without any obvious support from the media? It does seem to be one of those questions that no one has an answer for. As for this record ‘Hold On’, it has a plodding predictable sound that rarely changes. That is by no means a bad thing, Ministry have made a career out of songs that rarely alter their tempo and this song has enough variation to keep you from turning it off but at the same time five minutes after the song has ended you are at a loss to remember any part of it. While it not a bad record it is almost playing to a formula and a standard that is expected by their fans and it quickly becomes instantly forgettable.

Track Listing:-
1 Hold On

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