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30 Seconds to Mars (2007)

The Kill
Formualic nu-metal on new single from highly touted 30 Seconds to Mars, which is fronted by actor Jared Leto

Annuals (2007)

Be He Me
Debut album from British group Annuals, which if one can get beyond initial Arcade Fire comparisons, proves to be thoroughly convincing

Bees (2007)

Listening Man
Exciting and thrilling new single from the Bees which shows itself to be an instant soul classic

Explosion (2005)

Black Tape
Brash fast-paced punk from new Boston outfit the Explosion, which, while falling short of being absolutely essential,often proves to be compelling

Family Rain (2014)

Under the Volcano
Epic-sounding yet minimal blues rock on fine debut album from Bath-based sibling trio, the Family Rain

Ian Hunter (2024)

Defiance Part 2: Fiction
Lyrically rich glam rock from former Mott The Hoople singer Ian Hunter, the second in a proposed trilogy

Jessie Ware (2020)

What's Your Pleasure?
Positive and optimistic disco-influenced fourth album from chart-topping singer-songwriter Jessie Ware

Korn (2005)

Twisted Transistor
Strictly-by-numbers new single from ever controversial hardcore rockers, Korn

Korn (2007)

Welcome return to form on eighth album from ever-controversial hardcore rockers, Korn

Korn (2008)

Hold On
Formulaic and instantly forgettable latest single from Nu-metal stadium act, Korn

Paul Rodgers (2023)

Midnight Rose
Impressive first album of original material in almost 25 years from ex-Free, Bad Company and Queen vocalist Paul Rodgers

Professionals (2016)

The Complete Professionals
Finely-packaged three CD retrospective which compiles together the complete works of Steve Jones and Paul Cook’s post Sex Pistols band, the Professionals

Robbie Williams (2009)

Reality Killed the Video Star
Accomplished and elegant-sounding first album in three years from Robbie Williams

Roger Taylor (2021)

Reflective and versatile sixth solo album and first in eight years from Queen drummer Roger Taylor

Squeeze (2015)

Cradle to the Grave
Fantastic comeback album from Squeeze who return to the studio after an eighteen year break

Teenager (2007)

Dark, bu enticing debut album from new punk-electronic group Teenager whose influences include Iggy Pop, Suicide and Nine Inch Nails

Thirty Seconds To Mars (2008)

From Yesterday
Standard, strictly-by-numbers emo rock on latest single from American group 30 Seconds to Mars

Thrills (2007)

Enjoyable and catchy third album from the once heavily hyped Thrills

Twin Atlantic (2020)

Catchy third album from Glaswegian alternative rock band Twin Atlantic which is a clear change in direction

We Are Scientists (2005)

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
Debut UK CD from New York three piece We are Scientists, which comes across as a strong combination of the Chameleons and Interpol

We Are Scientists (2005)

With Love And Squalor
Enjoyable 80's-influenced post punk from New York-based trio We are Scientists which is reminiscent of the likes of the Chameleons, Interpol and the Departure


Interview Tom Newman - Interview

Andrew Twambley talks to record producer Tom Newman about his work on Mike Oldfield's 'Tubular Bells', working as an in-house producer for Virgin Records, managing their Manor Studios and recording a song with The Great Train Robbers.

Virgin Megastore, London, 25/4/2005 Ted Reichman - Virgin Megastore, London, 25/4/2005

The Tears are the new band of Suede's Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler. At a Virgin in-store gig to promote their debut single. 'Refugees', Anthony Strutt, despite hating them first time around, finds himself enjoying the "old magic"

Arena. Manchester, 26/4/2022 Virgin Radio Big Thank You Tour - Arena. Manchester, 26/4/2022

Shirley Procter enjoys the Virgin Radio Big Thank You show at the Manchester Arena, and sets from Tom Walker, the Wild Things, Isaac Stuart and the Kaiser Chiefs.

Virgin Prunes
Profile Part 1 Virgin Prunes - Profile Part 1

In the first part of a two part series, Anthony Strutt profiles Irish new wave art collective the Virgin prunes and examines their debut album, 'A New Form of Beauty'

Virgin Prunes
Profile Part 2 Virgin Prunes - Profile Part 2

In the conclusive part of our two part feature on the experimental Irish art rockers the Virgin Prunes, Anthony Strutt looks at their three of their latter albums,'...If I Die, I Die', 'Heresie' and 'The Moon Looked Down and Laughed'

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