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Robbie Williams - Reality Killed the Video Star

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 28 / 11 / 2009

Robbie Williams - Reality Killed the Video Star
Label: Virgin
Format: CD


Accomplished and elegant-sounding first album in three years from Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams needs no introduction. He won't he rejoining his former band, but his performance on ‘Reality Killed the Video Star’ shows that he doesn't need too at all. It opens with ‘Morning Sun’, which starts with sad mouth organ played very slowly, and is followed by bird song and sad strings, all which bring out the best in Robbie's voice. As it progresses it develops more of a Beatle sound. It is a very fine way to open up a new album and shows him to be a master of his trade. ‘Bodies’, the first single from it, starts off with monks singing, before Robbie begins to get a bit funky with it. This is another fine pop song. ‘You Know Me’ finds him aided by a lush piano and some strong 50's-style doo wop backing vocals and on perfect form. ‘Blasphemy’ is a co-write with his former regular songwriting partner Guy Chamber. It is slow paced, and, lyrically very, very clever, is a song about relationships. Robbie, who has had a few of those, shows himself again shows him to be master of his craft. ‘Do You Mind?' begins as a rock’ n’ roll number with a metal edge, but it soon becomes more commercial and slows into a much smoother pop number. It will please his fan club members. ‘Last Days of Disco’ has a synth beat and Robbie sounds on it like he could be fronting Depeche Mode. It features poppy beats and lush strings and would make a worthy single for the future. ‘Somewhere’ is slow, mature and elegant, a swooning number with big strings but which lasts under a minute. ‘Deception’ is beautiful, flows elegantly and easily loses you in its beats. It is absolutely gorgeous and how pop music should sound. ‘Starstruck’ sounds like a commercial Prefab Sprout track, while ‘Difficult for Weirdos’ is a trancey Pet Shop Boys-style number about alternatives and Goths living in small town Britain. ‘Superblind’ is a wintry number, a soft ballad which is well delivered. ‘Won't Do That’ sounds like old school Oasis trying to do the Fab Four, but also has some 70’s rhythms added to it. It has the brilliant line, “I mean more too you than handbags and shoes.” Lastly there is ‘Morning Sun (Reprise), which is string heavy and brings to an end one of the year’s biggest sellers, which is most definitely worth your tenner.

Track Listing:-
1 Morning Sun
2 Bodies
3 You Know Me
4 Blasphemy
5 Do You Mind
6 Last Days Of Disco
7 Somewhere
8 Deceptacon
9 Starstruck
10 Difficult For Weirdos
11 Superblind
12 Won't Do That
13 Morning Sun Reprise

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