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Bees - Listening Man

  by Neil Palmer

published: 22 / 7 / 2007

Bees - Listening Man
Label: Virgin
Format: CDS


Exciting and thrilling new single from the Bees which shows itself to be an instant soul classic

Sadly, it’s a simple fact that there is a whole of host of bands out there, making great records, which are repeatedly escaping my barely functioning musical radar. The Bees are just one such example. Releasing records since 2001’s 'No Trophy' seven-inch, they’ve only previously entered my (semi) consciousness via TV advert soundtracks for Citroen and Sainsburys. Appalled by my growing inability to keep up with what is hip and what is not, I suppose I have to learn to accept that this is just the natural order of things. Middle-aged inertia is creeping up on me. The Bees new single 'Listening Man' is however, resounding proof that the excitement of "discovering" something new that actually makes a weary soul want to get up and dance, never really fades, no matter how old you are. In-fact the inertia only heightens the excitement when that eureka moment arrives. Evoking 60’s Stax, yet grounded firmly in 2007, 'Listening Man' sounds like an instant soul classic, in every sense. Made in their own basement studio on the Isle of Wight, the production oozes southern soul, with slow burning horns over a deep, low mixed bass groove and vintage sounding drums. Yet, its Paul Butler’s semi-melancholic singing that really seduces. Forget cerebral lyricism this is just a good old-fashioned melody sung and played with effortless style over a sexy, smoke filled Memphis club beat. Tip your pork-pie hat back; dust down your sharpest dance shoes, live for the moment and groove on.

Track Listing:-
1 Listening Man (Radio Edit)
2 Got To Let Go (Live At The Royal Albert Hall)

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