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Thirty Seconds To Mars - From Yesterday

  by Sarah Maybank

published: 5 / 3 / 2008

Thirty Seconds To Mars - From Yesterday
Label: Virgin
Format: CDS


Standard, strictly-by-numbers emo rock on latest single from American group 30 Seconds to Mars

The invisible velvet rope that divides male rock stars from their civilian brethren has nothing to do with talent, money or how sexy your bum looks in leather trousers. It’s all about emoting. With Mr Average, the merest hint of a "We need to talk" prompts an immediate retreat to the pub, where he can converse about less incendiary subjects like religion or politics with the long-divorced old soak at the bar. Whereas over in the VIP area, a girlfriend merely has to harrumph at a bad joke for her other half to launch into a slab of screamo-angst, backed up with walls of scrunging guitars. Meaning, on this showing, 30 Seconds To Mars have just guaranteed a lifetime pass to the exclusive, plump-cushioned, fame-populated area of any venue they choose to go into. Clever.

Track Listing:-
1 From Yesterday (Radio Edit)
2 The Story (Live @ AOL Sessions Under Cover)

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