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Dinosaur Pile-Up - My Rock 'n' Roll

  by Russell Ferguson

published: 6 / 4 / 2011

Dinosaur Pile-Up - My Rock 'n' Roll
Label: Friends Vs Records
Format: 7"


Energetic, heavily Nirvana-influenced reissue of single from last year for up-and-coming Leeds-based band, Dinosaur Pile-Up

Leeds trio Dinosaur Pile-Up have been going for about two years now and were formed from the remnants of the band, Mother Vulpine. Their debut album, ‘Growing Pains’, came out in 2010 and peaked at number 108 in the album chart. ‘Mona Lisa’ was released earlier this year and ‘My Rock ‘n’ Roll', their latest record, is a reissue of a single that originally also came out last year. It start off with low vocals and a gently strummed guitar from singer Dan Bigland, which sound like a raw 'Penny Royal Tea'. From the outset it sounds like Kurt Cobain and Nirvana and the more the song progresses the more you think grunge copyist. As the song gathers momentum, it sound more like the song Nirvana didn’t make but the signature is, however, unmistakeably Nirvana. The song is well crafted with everybody playing with enough ability not to sound like amateurs, but it’s hard to listen to this record without constantly wondering if it really is Nirvana playing. It comes as no surprise that Bigland is a big Foo Fighters, Nine Black Alps and Mudhoney fan. I was never a big grunge fan and this revival does not make want to dig out my old Nirvana albums. That said there must be a lot of fourteen years old out there who have never heard of Nirvana and who will enjoy this for it being different, raw and energetic

Track Listing:-
1 My Rock N Roll
2 Love Is A Boat, And We're Sinking (Demo)

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