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Holy Coves - The Droner EP

  by Russell Ferguson

published: 6 / 4 / 2011

Holy Coves - The Droner EP
Label: Holy Coves
Format: CDS


Fiery and unique-sounding debut EP from Wlesh group, Hly Coves

From the remnants of the Lizzies from Holyhead has sprung the band Holy Coves who have been together since early 2009. The core of the band is vocalist and guitar player Scott Marsden and bass player Jimi Eggleton. Drummer Ash Garden and guitarist Ben Lee joined later on. A unique sound has started to emerge from them and the results can be heard on ‘The Droner’ EP. With five songs there is certainly enough material on offer to get a better idea of the depth of this band. From the opening bass line you know ‘Let's Go’, the first and stand-out song on the EP. is going to be something different. Drums clash in and the guitar screams over the top. The opening line by vocalist Marsden starts with "Come on, get in/ We’re going all the way’, and that pretty much sums up the whole song. They go for it with confidence that can be mistaken for a much more established band. There is a flavour of Queens of The Stone Age with the guitar, not rock, indie or grunge, but just fuel driven riffs. The best thing about the guitar is that it doesn’t overpower the other instruments but takes a back seat from time to time, giving breathing space to the rhythm section, but pushes forward to be heard at other times. The riffs sounds akin to anything that Billy Duffy from the Cult would come up with and drummer Ash keeps everyone in time by keeping it tight and balanced. The vocals have a little distortions and this adds to the uniqueness of the song, but isn’t too much of a gimmick to interfere with the song. All in all it’s a great song but a little short at 2:35, but then again ‘Teenage Kicks’ by The Undertones is 2:28 long and what a great song that is.

Track Listing:-
1 Lets Go
2 Whats Happened To You Has Happened To Me
3 Come Alive
4 Droner
5 Droner (radio edit)

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