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Ejectorseat - Not My Girl

  by Russell Ferguson

published: 7 / 6 / 2008

Ejectorseat - Not My Girl
Label: Taste Media
Format: CDS


Decent, if somewhat unremarkable indie guitar rock from new band, Ejector Seat

How many indie bands are there in the world ? There must be thousands, if not millions of them and I’m sorry to say that the majority of those who get somewhere don't really deserve to be there. They may have had a couple of decent singles before releasing an album, but that’s it. Myself, I am a sucker for indie power pop tunes that sit somewhere between rock and pop. It’s amazing the amount of variations you get from that formula. Some of it is good, some of it is bad, but most songs in that genre have some redeeming features somewhere in it. Ejector Seat are doing their best to get noticed with their new single ‘Not My Girl’, but among the vast amount of music that gets released I suspect this one will get overlooked, which doesn't come as a total surprise. The song itself is a little short at 2 minutes 30 seconds. There’s nothing wrong with the record but nor does it stand out from the majority of indie records that you will hear this summer. It starts with light guitar and singer Peter's easy vocals for about 10 seconds which remind you of the middle part of Ash’s ‘Girl From Mars’ From there it kicks into life and happily fills two and a half minutes of your life without you thinking that you have wasted your time. The two B-sides,‘To Be More Animal’ and ‘Hopeless and Emotionless,’ are variations on a theme which show that Ejector Seat have something original sound about them. At times I can hear a band called Serafin (www.serafin.co.uk) coming through. They were indie hopefuls about five years ago who were dropped like a hot potato when their debut album bombed. I hope Ejector Seat don’t befall the same fate, but there are never any guarantees in rock ‘n’ Roll.

Track Listing:-
1 Not My Girl
2 To Be More Animal
3 Hopeless And Emotionless

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